The Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour palette might be one of the most underrated palettes around

The Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour palette might not be the most well known product on the market but it's wide variety of highlighters and contours might just be worth it.

I’ve had my eye on the Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour palette for a while now. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it so I decided to buy it. The palette contains a wide variety of highlighters that work for any skin tone and it also comes with two different kinds of contours. I’m always looking for good highlighters that work well with my skin and aren’t too expensive. I’ve never been too into contouring until I started using this palette.

The Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour palette costs $59.00. If you divide the cost it becomes around $10 per shade, however, the price of the palette may change depending on what country you’re in or the company you buy it from.

The six shade names in the palette are Lit, Strobe, Fire, Stunner, Shade and Sculpt. Lit, Strobe, Fire and Stunner are all highlights used to help make your facial features more noticeable. They’re normally at least several shades lighter than your natural skin tone, so they reflect the light and draw the eye to the areas that they have been applied to. Shade and Sculpt are two different types of contours. Shade is a cream contour while Sculpt is a powder contour. Contour is used to help define and give shape to your facial features. Both cream and powder contour work to do the same thing and they both accompany each other very well.

The packaging is a matte black shade with gold writing on the front. The gold and matte black packaging makes the product look very classy and professional. If you open the palette there’s the shades in the middle with mirrors along the inside of each opening. The palette is kept closed by a strong magnetized closure.

The day after I purchased the product, I had a very fancy dinner to go to so I decided that it was the perfect time to try out the palette.

Right after you open it you get a rich scent of chocolate from the shades. Just from doing a swatch of the highlighters on my hand I could tell immediately they were vibrant. The highlight shades were very pigmented considering I only did one light swipe onto each of the shades. I find powder contours easier to apply and blend, so I applied Sculpt to the edges of my nose and cheeks using a basic contour brush. It was very smooth and soft as I applied it to my skin. Blending it out took me less than a minute and I didn’t find the colour fading away, it was very blendable and the product didn’t fade away.

Once the contour was done, I applied the highlight. Since there were so many colours to chose from, I decided to use all three of the highlighters. Using a plain highlighting brush, I applied highlights to my nose, cupid’s bow, under my eyebrows and cheekbones to make them more prominent. The colours were very smooth and lightweight after I applied. I didn’t need much product to make it noticeable which is always a bonus! After I finish my makeup, I always apply setting spray to my face to keep it in place and prevent it from falling off, so you might have a different outcome with the products if you decide to skip this step.

As I arrived to the dinner, my makeup was still in place. People at the dinner noticed my highlight and contour and thought it looked really good. As I began eating, drinking and touching my face, some of the highlight did fall off, but luckily I only found the glitter on my fingers. By the end of the night, the highlight did become less noticeable although the contour stayed in place for the whole evening. When I got home I removed my makeup along with the highlight and contour. They were very easy to remove; I didn’t find myself having to scrub it off of my face. After using the product, the fallout from the highlight fell onto the cream contour and the glitter from the highlighters were all over the packaging. It seems almost impossible to keep the palette clean.

Most times when I find myself using new products, my skin will occasionally break out or react but luckily when I woke up, that wasn’t the case. My skin showed no sign of redness or irritation!

Also the palette is sold in a smaller travel size for $30.00 called the Tarteist Pro Glow to Go Highlight and Contour palette. Gleam, Burst and Chisel are the three colours included. Gleam and Burst are both powder highlights. Chisel is the only powder contour shade available in the palette. It’s small enough to fit into your bag or luggage and is perfect for when you’re traveling or on the go! It does not contain the same colours that the larger palette has.

The overall highlight and contour formulas are amazing. They’re also very smooth. Considering you get six shades in the palette, the price point is very reasonable. This is a great palette to help you figure out what shade of highlight and contour works best for your skin. Even if you only end up using the four highlighters in the palette, it’s still a very good deal; considering the fact that one highlighter alone is around $20.00. If you’re looking for a palette that contains both highlight and contour, then I highly recommend Tarte’s Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour palette!

Tarte’s Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour palette
4 stars out of 5
Available at Tarte , Sephora or Ulta Beauty.

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