How Facebook works in a digital marketer’s hands

This article shows the steps to successfully market on Facebook.

I was hired as a social media strategist for the website and run our site’s Facebook page. Facebook is an amazing social media site to use, but working with it as a social media strategist can be difficult. In order to be successful on Facebook you need to know how to write an effective title/headline, add hashtags when appropriate, have the ability to get information from multiple sources, and know the right steps to advertise an article.

In order to generate more traction and views with your site, you can try to spread your content on social media site like Facebook. When you advertise an article on Facebook you have to make sure you add meaning to the post. Make sure you’re not just restating the article’s title because then you have missed an opportunity to give the reader a reason to click. One good technique to use an interesting quote from the article that you think will grab the reader’s attention. Adding hashtags can help get people to see your post when they are looking for similar content or type something relevant in the search bar. Here is a good example of a headline I made:
facebook post2

In the headline, I make sure that it is specific and not restating the information that is already visible in the title or excerpt. My post text, “The competition between toys and electronics is fierce” is calculated to grab the reader’s attention with the words “competition”and “fierce” but at the same time it can start a conversation with the addition of the question, “but how did this happen?” The hashtags I wrote were #toys and #technology which are both relevant to the topic.

One other thing I’ve learnt using Facebook is that you have to be careful with the articles you post from other creators. The more diversity of content you gain the better because it can provide a lot more viewpoints and range for your readers. You ideally want to post the articles that will get the most attention. A good example of this is news. News can be posted in many different ways and there are various topics to touch on such as gaming news, sports news and political news. News can generate many questions and debate which is always good for any site. The more people that look at your content the more likely you are to get even more traffic from people sharing to their friends. The majority of the people on social media care about the present and the future not the past, that’s why news channels are so popular–they always provides information about now and the future. They can also provide information about the past if, for example, there are unsolved mystery cases or new evidence found for them, but that is comparatively rare.

As soon as an article is posted on our site it goes to a spreadsheet for me to look through. Once I find an article I claim it by putting my name next to it to let everyone know I’m responsible for advertising that post. After, I open the article and read through to find any interesting information that I think will do well online. I have an example of this here:

facebook post1

In this post I quote, “They told him that his music saved their lives.” That was the best quote I found in the article and it paid off with 70 people seeing it. The quote was important because saving people’s lives is interesting to know about, and even more interesting when you hear about someone’s life being saved by music.The hashtags that I wrote were #music and #logic.

In the end you just have to make sure that you advertise right by adding hashtags, quoting, and finding the right information. The more time you spend on social media the better, because you understand how it works a lot more and gives you the advantage when you go and advertise.

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