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Jigsaw: the way to get rid of your lunch

The Saw franchise is one of the best horror series of all time.

The Saw franchise is one of the best horror series of all time. The first Saw film was released in 2004, and since then the franchise has made a killing in views and profit. There are now eight films in the series. The most recent installment, Jigsaw, is a great and intriguing film.

Saw’s story is about a man named John Kramer (Tobin Bell) developing colon cancer. He fought and survived the cancer, developing a new appreciation for life. He decided to pass that lesson on by capturing and testing those who have done wrong or fail to appreciate life. John (aka Jigsaw) puts the criminals and people who don’t see how great life is through deadly scenarios referred to as tests or games. If they shed enough blood and push their bodies to the limit, he thinks they will come out as brand new people.

This is definitely not a good series to watch if you have a weak stomach, each “game” more  gruesome than the last. The villain, for example, got the name “Jigsaw” from carving a puzzle piece out of the skin of someone who has failed the games. Expect plenty of gore from this series.

The new movie Jigsaw wasn’t what I thought it was going to be; it turned out much better. Jigsaw takes everything from the previous movies, combines it and creates a masterpiece. It makes the entire Saw series make more sense. If you have seen the previous movies, you know that the main character, Jigsaw, died in Saw 3, but someone continued to make “games” in his style even after his death.

The acting in this movie was not as good as the other films. It was decent but I think they could of stepped it up by taking more time to enhance and add more detail into the script. Matt Passmore, Hannah Anderson, Mandela Van were my favourite actors in this film due to their characters and how well they made them seem like real people.

Gruesome is the one and only word this movie needs. The gore, fatalities and special effects made this movie more special from the others. Previous films didn’t have the best death scene due to technology in 2004-2007 and to watch it all in high resolution kicked butt.

The Saw franchise is a very popular series and the recent film had more gore, fatalities, better resolution and some actors which I liked. I don’t know when they are going to make another Saw movie but I will be looking forward to it when they do.   

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