Trump and Kim must act responsibly and preserve peace

The threats lobbed back and forth between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are a serious threat and call into question the fitness of both leaders.

U.S president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have been threatening each other, describing bombing their respective countries with unimaginable nuclear strikes.

Kim called Trump a “bluffing nuclear maniac.”

Donald Trump responded by called Kim Jong Un “little rocket man.”

With Trump and Kim arguing that both the United States and North Korea will be bombed into non-existence if this keeps up, tensions are high. They must both come to a peaceful agreement with one another. Nuclear war is a devastating act. It would harm hundred of millions of people in those and other countries. This war of words also puts South Korea and Japan at risk.

We don’t want these types of leaders in the world. We need peaceful leaders that do not start war and argue with other representatives. Kim and Trump, however, are making terrible decisions and putting their countries and the whole world at risk for nuclear war.

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