The Canucks have lost Derek Dorsett due to an unlucky injury

The Vancouver player has sadly retired after being diagnosed with a spinal injury.

Vancouver Canucks forward Derek Dorsett has retired from the NHL after getting diagnosed with a cervical disc herniation. He first felt numbness when he would deliver or take a hit. Dorsett had spinal surgery last season but was cleared to play this season. He had been experiencing neck and back pain, which he later evaluated for curiosity. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a cervical herniated disc which is described by as “when the inner core herniates or leaks out of the disc and presses on an adjacent nerve root.” This puts Dorsett one hit away from being paralyzed for life. Canucks’ doctors vigorously suggest that he should end his career to prevent any further damage.

It is not known what has reijuried Dorsett’s neck but he was an aggressive player and fought often. His playing style could have been a contributing factor towards his injury.

The talented 30-year-old star had a great start of the season scoring 7 goals in 20 games. It is very sad to see Derek Dorsett having to step away from the game due to serious injuries at such a young age. Many fans, teammates and coaches are all very devastated to see Dorsett have to leave the team. “He’s an example of what you can accomplish when you persevere,” said Canucks general manager Jim Benning. “He is a great teammate, a terrific role model and leader for younger players. This is truly unfortunate news for Derek, his family and our team.”

Dorsett was born on December 20, 1986 in Kindersley, Saskatchewan with lots of hockey in front of him. Dorsett played for many teams throughout the last 9 years including the Columbus Blue Jackets from 2008-2013 where he earned 65 points, later on moving to the New York Rangers in the following year where he recorded 8 points and finishing with the Vancouver Canucks from 2014-2017 where he got 54 points. In total Dorsett had 127 points in his whole career.

It is unfortunate and tragic to see a talented young player with a bright future ahead of him leave the game. He was one of the bravest Canucks and would stand up for anybody on his team no matter who or what he faced. Dorsett will be missed by many. He is very upset as well and needs time to take this in. During an interview Dorsett claimed, “I still have so many thoughts to share and people to thank for all of their support.” “I am devastated by the news.”

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