What does an internet post need to have?

The main things you need to have in posts are high quality photos, tags, body paragraphs, words that isn’t over used, and the right length.

If you are going to write an article on the internet, you’ve got to do it right. Internet posts need high quality photos, tags, body paragraphs, words that aren’t overused, and the right length for the post. If you include all of these elements in your internet post then you will have an high-quality post.

Images are important so you can visually show the topic and not just read about it. People also like seeing high-quality art. Media companies use art to get more reader interest. When you are making a post the photo or video needs to be a high quality, so the post looks also visually professional. If it’s not originally taken or made by you, you have to give credit to the source–preferably including some kind of link. Most images are copyrighted. If it is then you can only use it if it meets “fair use” guidelines for your article. Use photos that Google labels “for reuse” if you don’t have an original picture. The caption is where you put source credit.

Tags are how you categorize the post so when a user searches up a topic they are interested in, they will find you post. They are important because they can get more views on your post or page. Put some hashtags if it’s appropriate for the post. For hashtags you can put what the post is about, where it is if there is a location and who is in the post.

Blog post length should be medium (600 words) to long (2000 words) depending on the topic, in other words 600-2000. Less the 600 is bad because it is to short and doesn’t have as much information as it possibly can when longer. Is not good to have a little bit of information because the reader wants to know everything about the topic and not have to go look at a different post to find what they are looking for. More than 2000 is also bad because most people don’t want to read really long post if they are just trying to find a couple of answers. Don’t write down ideas if they have nothing to do with the topic, wasting your time and the reader’s time, but do jot some down if you can make a paragraph about it. If you get information from a site or person, link where it came from or say who said it.

Use paragraphs to organize your ideas. Have multiple body paragraphs talking about the topic, and to be able to expand and add more info to each body paragraph. Do not have a bunch of different topics in a single paragraph or the reader will get confused. Make each paragraphs about one topic so you don’t multiply topics that are all different in your body paragraphs. An example is if you are writing about a topic that affects people, make different paragraphs for why it does, how it happened, whether the effect is permanent, and whether there are ways to fix it. What topics you include will depend on what you are writing about and the ideas you think are most important or interesting.

Having good word choice is important so that the post makes sense. But it also has to sound good when you are reading it, and looks like a useful post and not an repetitive post that looks like the writer doesn’t know what they are talking about. You have an understand of what the word means and so you can try to make the post more interesting by not having simple words. It’s important to have a post with words that are different, so you’re not using overused words that are boring that everyone has in their post. Look up other alternatives for dull or overused words. But! It is important that you are actually familiar with the words you use, otherwise you won’t know what they actually mean (just because it is a “synonym” doesn’t mean it actually means exactly the same thing). Using a thesaurus to find “fancy” words often results in making the writing worse rather than better. Learn new words by reading books and articles that contain words that are new to you.

Having these points in your post are important because they will improve the post quality, and also will look professional. The biggest things you need in your post is having mainly your original ideas and not taking other people’s content. After reading this I hope you are now able to write a professional and strong post.

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