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What Is Youtube Rewind And What was Wrong With It?

Youtube rewind was very lousy this year due to the people the had incorporated and the memes they used

YouTube Rewind is one of the biggest events–if not the biggest–that occurs in the YouTube world every year. YouTube Rewind was very bad this year due to the memes and people that YouTube Spotlight incorporated in the video this year if YouTube were to put the memes in better and use some better influences in the video unlike the Paul brothers.

YouTube rewind is a video that the YouTube Spotlites Channel puts out each year to sum up the most famous memes, most trending videos and people whose channels blew up during 2017. There were plenty of problems with YouTube rewind this year. Let’s start with the people that were incorporated. Lots of them were what someone named “Ricegum” (who should have been in the video this year) would call irrelevant. First off, there were about ten Vine stars that barely post on YouTube. The only reason they have subscribers is because of Vine, otherwise no one would know about them. This does not include Logan Paul and Jake Paul. They upload on a daily basis and stay relevant to the YouTube scene and grew a large portion of subscribers from the YouTube platform not just from their previous fans on Vine. YouTube also messed up big time by adding a lot of their personal favourite YouTubers that are irrelevant and not adding some of the most famous YouTubers that helped YouTube grow in the first place.

One of the big mistakes were putting fidget spinners on their video. Although this was one of the most trending videos at one point in 2017, the fidget spinner had died extremely fast and nobody really wanted to see fidget spinners on the 2017 Rewind.

The memes that YouTube Rewind incorporated in weren’t bad memes–it was just the way YouTube put them in. The memes are meant to be funny but somehow YouTube made them very cringe. YouTube Rewind put in the meme where people would fall and then get cropped out of the picture to fall and start spinning it as if in space. The meme is meant to have funny music behind it to make the video amusing. Usually it would be a funny video  that was already popular on the web. Like if Trump were to slip on a banana peel or something funny like that, then you would use the meme. But in this case they used a video of somebody fake slipping on paint and falling. It was horrible.  

This is why this year’s YouTube rewind was one of the worst yet. YouTube needs to improve on many different aspects like incorporating the memes in a way that retains their original humour and style. They would also need to put more of the trending YouTubers and less of the irrelevant ones they are biased towards. Hopefully the next YouTube Rewind to be better than this one.

Leave a comment on what you thought of this year’s YouTube Rewind!

1 comment on “What Is Youtube Rewind And What was Wrong With It?

  1. No mention of how poorly youtubers were treated?


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