After a successful debut album, Khalid is back on tour!

Expectations are high for this young and upcoming new artist after he releases new tour dates.

Khalid is the 19-year-old singer/songwriter currently taking over the planet. Last year this Texan released his first album, American Teen. Over one-million copies were sold.

But how did this brand new R&B artist come to be? Born in Fort Stewart, Georgia, Khalid’s childhood and teenage years were full of new experiences. Due to his mother’s involvement with the military, he had to move around high schools where he would study musical theater and singing. Khalid was reaching the end of his high school career when he learned that he would have to finish the experience at a new school in El Paso. Little did he know that this little town would cause one of the biggest impacts on his life.

El Paso and the friends he met there were a huge influence on his first album, American Teen. Khalid states in a number of interviews that when he first got there, we has embraced so heavily by the people, that he decided he needed to tell their stories in his music. This lead to one of the big reasons why people enjoy his music so much: it is extremely repeatable and brings you back to high school and the relationships and memories you create with your friends.

On the day Khalid was to graduate high school, he happened to get one of the best gifts an aspiring-artist could ever ask for: an endorsement by Kylie Jenner. One of the biggest social media influences, Kylie can instantly start trends, or boost careers with her big platform. So you can imagine how Khalid felt when he heard she’d been playing his single “Location” on her Snapchat for her whole audience to hear. As expected, this generated a huge amount of interest in Khalid’s music and kick-started his American Teen album.

Shortly after his debut album was released, Khalid announced his first tour dates, the second show of his life being right in my city of Vancouver. Khalid was still an upcoming artist so he performed at a mid-sized venue, not yet having the fame to fill the big stadiums and arenas.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend. It was general admission and people filled the venue in excitement. Right as Khalid hit the stage I knew he was going to become someone big. He looked so comfortable to be up there and controlled the crowd like he had been doing this his whole life. The audience sang every word along with him as the show magically ended with fireworks.

Khalid sings on stage like he belongs there. He sings with confidence and it is easy to forget he is only 19. He creates an atmosphere full of positivity. His voice echoed through the forum and you felt it through your whole body. His performance made me feel as if I was completely living in that moment, just him, me and the music. The small venue made it easy to connect to him since the audience was so close to him. I hope he can still connect with his fans even though he will be playing in the much larger Rogers Arena this upcoming May.

It’s no surprise after being nominated for 5 Grammy awards, Khalid is back with a second upcoming tour!

Khalid posted on Instagram to tell his fans that the 2018 Roxy Tour will kick off once again the Oregon on May 1, 2018. Khalid has released no new music recently so that might be the reason this tour has only 20 dates, 14 less than his last tour. The fact that when Khalid reaches Vancouver he will be moving up and performing in Rogers Arena which can hold up to 19,000 concert goers is proof that his hard work has paid off.  Everyone is already talking about buying tickets 6 months before.

The Roxy Tour has been named after Khalid’s new adopted puppy, Roxy. Khalid is successful and has a net worth of $20 million and has decided to use his money to give back. Khalid has said he is passionate about helping animals, so for every ticket sold, one dollar will be donated to an animal shelter at that stop.

Khalid is a huge presence on Instagram posting up to 3 photos a day. The majority of his feed are pictures of himself posing in front of a scenic background, while wearing expensive clothing brands such as Champion, Supreme and Bape. He also likes to show off his friends and the food he eats on social media.

Khalid / Instagram

Khalid has a face you could not forget. He has chubby cheeks and big smile. Along with his baby face, he has a full grown beard. His interesting sense on style also makes him distinctive. Khalid likes to wear the popular clothing brands but also keep it original. For examples he wore an Off-White suit to the AMA Music awards in 2017, a much different choice than the other artists.

Khalid’s music is generally slower. He has a few hits that are fast but the majority of his successful singles including “Young Dumb and Broke,” “Saved” and “Coaster” are all slow songs. Khalid’s unique sound is what makes his songs so special. His voice is deep and raspy and you feel the emotion in every word he sings.
Khalid’s fans, including children, teenagers and adults are all on their toes to see what’s next. Releasing tour dates before releasing new music is uncommon so many fans are speculating music will come soon. The expectations are high but I have full belief he will not disappoint.

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