Hush Hush is a tale of forbidden-love and a bone-chilling fantasy with a twist.

A mysterious being that falls from the sky and ends up falling for a girl.

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick is a compelling romance fantasy between two forbidden lovers, but one of them has a secret. Two teenagers Nora and Patch are forced as lab partners. She would rather die than put up with his ambiguous answers to her questions, his hypnotizing eyes and his exasperatingly attractive face that hides a mysterious face underneath. But before long, Nora’s defenses start to break down as her curiosity towards Patch heats up. Why does he always seem to be wherever she is and know exactly what she’s thinking?

While reading Hush Hush, I was very pleased with the character development; it flowed through the book very smoothly and didn’t distract my reading. But one question I had as I was reading it was, “How is this book not Twilight but substituted with angels?”

The main protagonist in the book, Patch, is called the “Handsome Bad Boy.” One thing for sure is that I didn’t see any chemistry between the two characters. Nora, the other protagonist, gets followed and attacked by a stalker. It never occurred to her to call the police. She is afraid of Patch for most of the book and is on and off about how she feels about him, changing her mind every second:

“He is hot. But he is dangerous. Can I trust him? But his dark smile and dark eyes! OMG he wants to kill me! But he smells good!”

The emotions that Nora felt for Patch seemed a bit suspicious. There was a scene where Nora decides to follow Patch to see what he’s up to but soon finds out he isn’t doing anything that seems fishy, only doing what regular humans do on a regular basis. Yet in Nora’s head she still believes that Patch is up to something and tries to figure out what it is.

The theme of the novel is Forbidden Love: when Nora and Patch first meet, there is no chemistry between them, so it is slow to develop. As their curiosity towards each other tensed up that’s when their attraction came into place. Throughout the book, it seems to be the forbidden aspect of their relationship that really drives how it heats up.

There was a lot of sarcasm between Nora and Patch which confused me on where the relationship was heading. In the beginning, Nora describes Patch to Dorothea as “tall, dark and annoying,”–a sarcastic substitution of tall, dark and handsome. Throughout the book, Nora’s voice is full of sarcasm and the narrator sets that tone. She isn’t as crazy as her best friend Vee but as the book gets gloomy Nora still has her sassy hat on. For example, after Nora gets attacked by a stranger in her house, she goes out looking for Vee in the movie theatre. When she tries to find her in the bathroom she is cornered by Patch and tells him to back off. In her mind she still thinks that he wants to kill her.

“”You’re impinging on my private space,’ I said inching backward. Patch gave a barely there smile. ‘Impinging? This isn’t the SAT, Nora’”.

This conversation has obvious tones of flirtiness and sarcasm, which is characteristic of the mystery about Nora and Patch’s relationship in the book.

There were some weak aspects I noticed throughout the book. I felt that Patch’s mysterious personality seemed a bit boring; it would have been more enjoyable if he were more outgoing because throughout the book we only knew that he keeps to himself and doesn’t show his personality that well. He is probably meant to be intriguing, but for me he was more of a blank. Nora and Patch’s relationship seemed a bit back and forth and I wasn’t clear if they were attracted to each other or not.

Hush Hush was good overall and I recommend it to any other readers, but I hope for the next book she can make it more unique and distinguish it more from well-known patterns familiar from Twilight.


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