GTA 5 — Staying Alive

Grand Theft Auto V has never died down since the game has come out. It is one of the most successful and acclaimed video games of all time.

Almost 5 years later and Grand Theft Auto V is still killing the charts. Grand Theft Auto V has never died down since the game has come out. It is one of the most successful and acclaimed video games of all time. Over 85 million copies of this game has been sold–that is more than double the population of Canada. The online mode is what’s mostly played by Grand Theft Auto players. Almost every gamer that has had this game has finished the story and now plays multiplayer. That is why so much content is is being made for GTA online, keeping this game alive.

One reason for its continued popularity is that it frequently releases new online game modes that help you earn money and reputation points (RP) faster than ever. These game modes are called Adversary modes in which you are playing team-to-team with other online players to complete a given objective. Adversary Modes were first released on March 10, 2015–2 years and 6 months after the original release date. Adversary Modes attract attention to the long-term Grand Theft Auto players who are seeking out easy ways to make some quick cash and RP. Within these game modes are very fun and exciting things that players can do. One of them that came with the “Heists” update is called “Come Out To Play.” This game mode includes 3 runners who are trying to reach a destination while a group of hunters who ride motorbikes and are armed with weapons to hunt them down. This single-game mode will score the winning team with roughly $10,000 of in-game money for each player–enough to restock your ammunition or customize the appearance of your vehicle.

Personally, I am still playing this game because of the beautiful vehicles and vehicle customization. Within GTA online, there are a lot of luxurious vehicles with unique and crazy customization. For example, the DLC called “Lowriders” included a vehicle workshop called Benny’s Original Motorworks. With certain vehicles, Benny’s Original Motorworks can fully change the build of the car itself into a new, upgraded, beautiful vehicle. It also brought the new ability to customize anything within the vehicle from car seats, to interior colour, and also adding a small bobble head in your car. Vehicles and customization are a big part of GTA 5 online players. I will tend to go towards the luxury cars that can go insanely fast so I can reach places quicker and have a beautiful car to show off.

After a great 5 years, Grand Theft Auto has made some major improvements. It gained a lot of attraction at some points in the past when Heists and Bennys Original Motorworks were released and it is still gaining popularity to this day. The new content that is being released frequently is what’s keeping us gamers attracted to Grand Theft Auto V.


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