Would You Let Amazon Into Your Home?

Amazon Key allows delivery men access to your home so your deliveries arrive safe and remain safe even if you aren’t home. But will people accept this idea?

If you had the choice to give Amazon your house key, would you do it? Amazon has made a new service called Amazon Key–a lock fitted on your front door which allows Amazon delivery men to have access to your home. It is supposed to give their customers peace of mind by creating trust with the delivery men and by having your deliveries arrive safe and remain safe if the customer is elsewhere.

Amazon Key is not just for dropping off packages, they are also offering a bunch of new services such as cleaning, babysitting, and dog walking for Amazon Key customers. The Amazon worker will be able to enter and exit your home safely if nobody is home. The employees will always make sure to lock the door when done to ensure safety and quality within the service.

There are many different reactions to Amazon key. On Twitter people have created various memes about how Amazon delivery men may steal something or hide somewhere in your home but many of those are in a joking matter. But people do have the right to have concerns related to privacy.  People may be afraid to trust delivery men with their house key because they have no idea who it could be and what could happen.

Amazon Key also comes with a security camera called Cloud Cam for personal use to ensure your delivery is successful. You can use an app on your phone to check the video of the delivery via the Cloud Cam. You will also get notified through the app when your package has come or when your service has arrived.

I am very curious on how this would work in apartments or condos since I used to live in a condo. Would landlords allow a smart lock to be installed onto their apartment doors? How would the delivery men get into the complex or building? Maybe people in these certain living conditions are not able to use Amazon key.

My thoughts on Amazon Key are negative just because I have trust issues with other people having access to my house. My reasoning for this is because I think that some point in the future, many products we buy may become hacked. Hackers seem to grow stronger every year with new technology and strong expertise. With time they may be able to hack most of our technology. But I think that Amazon Key is new in life and will have advanced technology that would be able to protect itself if used correctly.

In my opinion delivery should just stay the same and if so, have a scheduled date of when you will be home so your package can come safely. You will not need to worry about strangers entering and exiting your home or packages being stolen. This way people can feel more comfortable about their delivery arriving when they are home to receive it.

Amazon Key may be trying to provide you with your service or product in more of a faster way but they need to think about privacy. I understand how this product is under control by a security camera that you have access to but the fact that random people you will never meet have full access to your front door makes me think twice.

I’d recommend including one more paragraph to sum up, returning to the subject of Amazon Key as they have proposed it and perhaps emphasizing your main ideas about its likelihood of success or its main problems.


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