The Top 3 NCAA Basketball Teams

Duke, Stanford and Oregon have the best chance to win March Madness.

These three teams are the best teams in the NCAA. But even if they aren’t the best team doesn’t mean they are going to win March Madness.


Duke is the best team this year with potential 1st overall draft picks in Trevon Duval and Grayson Allen. They also have a great coach named Mike Krzyzewski. He knows when to call plays or timeouts. If the other team is starting to make their shots and going on a big run he knows how stop it: he calls a timeout and that can stop a run. Lots of coaches in the NBA and College are starting to use this style of coaching. They are in the ACC and they are playing at a higher level than the PAC 12. One thing that Duke does need to worry about this year though is their chemistry: they lost a lot of players to the draft last year.   


Stanford has a chance to be a top team in the NCAA because they have Daejon Davis and an amazing coach named Jerod Haase. With an amazing offence and shooters on the court at all times, I think they will win all this year. This team is much underrated because they don’t have the best defence, but their offence has the most possessions so they are going to score. Stanford is an amazing team offensively–the best team in college basketball–but defensively they are a disaster, which is why I put them second  (offence wins games, defence wins championships).


The Oregon Ducks are a very strong shooting team, with some inside scoring too. The outside shooting has been especially helpful to them. It is really the three pointers that makes them a top 3 team, and maybe even help them win March Madness. After Ben Carter came to the Oregon Ducks, it really made them a better team–a top 3 team in Division 1. Oregon, with Ben Carter on the team now is really amazing. They have nearly no defence but their offence makes this team great.

Duke has the best chance to win March Madness because of their physicality on defence and their amazing ball movement and shooting skill. Also they have three top prospects that have chances to be top 3 picks in this year’s draft. Trevon Duval is an amazing passer and can get to the basket at any point so you always have to be aware of him because he is always a presence on the floor. They also have Marvin Bagley III who is very good at scoring close to the basket and at nearly 7 feet tall he can bully people down in the paint. If he gets low enough there is no way you are going to stop him from scoring. Another player that helps this team be a very good shooting team is the best shooter in College Basketball: Grayson Allen. All told, Duke is the standout in this year’s NCAA.

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