Pitch meetings: an essential part of running a media site

Pitch meetings give writers and editors a chance to make sure that our content is going to be interesting and valuable to our readers.

As an editor participating in pitch meetings are a key component to making the 8forty website possible. A pitch meeting is when a writer purposes an idea to the editors and gets discussed. Either it gets a green light and the writer can make an article about it, or there is something wrong with the idea according to the criteria we have given.

The idea of a pitch meeting is to give the writers a chance to think of an idea to add to the 8forty website. This benefits both the writers and the website itself because of the fact that the writers are bringing forward an idea that will most likely interest people who visit our website and the writers will get recognition for their articles, but it is also helping the website grow in general. The continuous pitch meetings are the center of the 8forty website because it basically gives the OK to the writers to start their next article and to address a editor to the writers.

As easy as it sounds to give the writer a green light to start writing an article, there is criteria that his or her pitched idea must meet before he can start. Firstly the idea must apply to a broader audience and can not just be based around one group; for example we had an idea pitched to us about a new update for Grand Theft Auto 5. Only a specific group would be interested in this idea others would just not care as much to look at it. Secondly the idea should be original and not a continuous story that has been going on for years for example, gun violence in the U.S.A. Thirdly the idea should not be about gruesome events that have happened around the world. Finally the writer should have full information about their pitch idea before they actually pitch it.

The goal and the reason for having these pitch meetings are because we want to bring good and meaningful content to the 8forty website. Without the pitch meetings some of the content on the website would not be interesting, whether it be too broad or too boring with the pitch meetings, us editors can give the writer another way of writing the article. Pitch meetings are like being in the House of Commons, we take in ideas and determine if the topic is worth writing about.

Pitch meetings are what keep this website running and I think that they are a great way to decide if an article is worth writing about. But it is also a helpful way to communicate with the writer and the other editors. As an editor I think pitch meetings are a useful idea for getting great content on the website and a great way for writers to get recognition on the internet. I hope this can generate into a bigger website in the future through the pitches and pitch meetings.

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