Twitter marketing tips from one of our digital marketers

Social media strategists market and advertise content and Twitter is a great platform to do this, if you do it right.

As social media strategists it is our job to market and advertise content and Twitter is a good social media platform to do this. I have some tips and information on Twitter marketing and how to tweet.

I was hired for this role in early October. It has been about a month since I had the job. I was given the login to the company Twitter account while the other two strategists took charge of Facebook and Instagram. On the job, I have been learning every day about what to post, when to post and how to post.

On thing I learned is to try not to post from the same profile more than once at a time or to be constantly posting from the same place because it makes it seem that you are promoting this one profile. Also it makes you less valuable. If your audience are interested in that content they can easily get it from the original source. For example, I was posting from Mashable too many times so I stopped quoting and retweeting from them.

When it comes to actually tweeting to get people to come to your website you have to tweet properly. There are three parts to a marketing tweet. The first one is  the title. This sentence is telling what you are offering or telling. Here is an example: “11 tips on how to make better blogs” or “25 crazy laws will blow your mind!” These titles grab the reader’s attention. Especially the second example. The reader would want to click to on this because of the fact of how interesting it sounds and that there is an exclamation. It is also simple and direct.

The next part is the link and the hashtag. The link is what the user clicks on to access the article. The hashtag is a word or phrase that the user clicks on to see other posts with the same concept or trend. An example of this is #inktober. This was a trend that was going on in October. If a user types in this hashtag they will see all the posts with this hashtag. You don’t always need a hashtag but this is an effective strategy because people are constantly typing in these popular hashtags and if your post show up there than they will see your post. That’s why I use hashtags. Also use more than one hashtag to raise the chances of someone seeing your posts.

The last part of of the tweet is the picture. A picture provides the reader with an image such as a picture of what the article explains. If you have a title that says “Best hiking trails in Canada”, a great picture for this could be a picture of a group of hikers walking up a beautiful trail.  When I add the link for the article It usually automatically adds a picture that was used in the article. It is an important part of an effective tweet because the first thing a person sees on a tweet is the picture. It’s just the way our brain is wired. Also if you are skimming down your timeline, a picture makes it easier for the reader to see.

Adding a caption when you re-tweet adds value to an article. This is done by using the “quote” option when you retweet. This allows you to add your own comment to the material you are sharing rather than just passing it along with no context. Of course, the first step is to read the content you are sharing. Do not just pass on a link based on the headline alone. This is a mistake I commonly made when I first started out. Your comment should provide something in addition such as context or a piece of information that is mentioned in the article so the reader gains information and insight from your contribution. This is valuable and also makes it more likely that they will be interested in the content and actually click on it.

When it comes to marketing on Twitter, it is important to know how many people see our tweets, click on our links, click on hashtags and click on our profiles. I enabled Twitter analytics so I can access this information and see which tweets do better than each other. On my profile “The Nut” I made a re-tweet and it got 133 impressions and the others got 30 and 40. I wondered why I got so many impressions and it was probably the quality of the quote on the re-tweet. The tweet said “5 underrated social media tasks to complete every day” which I quoted and retweeted, adding my own summary of one of the article’s key points, saying “Being a part of a trend is an opportunity to get people to come to click on your website”. It was because I went to the article and read it. I mentioned something that was in the article and it was a fact. People viewed my tweet in detail and clicked on my profile.

Trends are important to follow because trends are where everyone’s attention is. You have to grab the attention. The attention isn’t going to come to you. For example if you make a review on a video game from the 90’s no one will want to see that but if you make one that was released 3 days ago then you will get some traffic.

So this is some of my story about me as a social media strategist and some information about twitter marketing and the format of a tweet. I am still an employee for 8forty and I make a lot of the tweets on the 8forty Twitter profile. I am trying my best to make the website work and I hope it does succeed. I am looking forward to to re-tweeting even more and watching our website grow You can check out my twitter account @nutcase125.

And who knows, maybe this website will be as popular as the others. I am excited to watch my tweets gain views and popularity as well!

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