Does “Seaweed Lotion” really work? Or is it just popular?

The “Seaweed Lotion” euphoric reaction bring us curiosity. Is the lotion really worth it?

Last week, we discovered the benefits of “The Body Shop” generally as a brand. Now it’s time to see if the trademark isn’t good just in words, but also in what really matters: the products.

Buying products can sometimes be tough, especially if you’re talking about the ones that go fast  off the shelves, so this review is a challenge. It’s time to put the popularity and expectations of these products to the test of reality. The perfect product for this task is the “Seaweed Lotion,” so let’s talk about it.

The “Seaweed Lotion,” which the brand itself describes as “The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15,”  is a sunscreen and also a mattifying moisturizer, meaning it reduces shine to create a matte look. But the point is, it has a difference: the lotion promises that it works especially to control oily skin, which, when talking about moist cosmetics, is a bold claim, especially for an herbal ones.

The friendly package in baby blue has a minimalist concept, while remembering the vintage look. Formulated with organic seaweed, the lotion, like all Body Shop products is vegan and animal testing free. This rich solution of minerals and vitamins is, no doubt, excellent for our skin, especially for sensitive skin. Another positive fact is that it’s a light lotion, easy to be applied and absorbed. Most importantly, it contains UVA/UVB protection, and although not having a high SPF, it really works in our day by day.

Despite the good aspects, the light moisturizer isn’t the best for some people, such as people with fragrance sensitivities or super-oily skin, or people who are looking for a mattifying product.

My skin is super dry, so this product worked for my hydration, however I had to make sure that this product could work in all circumstances, and after reading some other reviews and opinions about the lotion, I came with the conclusion that it may only works as a moisturizer, which made me lose a little of my trust in the product. Another negative fact is that at over $20 a bottle, it is not affordable for everyone.

This is a lotion that “Fits in our routine.” Without being essential, it can be easily implemented into our daily lives, while it still has the SPF factor. Body Shop’s Seaweed Lotion can be seen as a good quality moisturizer from a recognized brand, but does not make miracles as it promises. The euphoric reaction that comes from the customers, in my opinion, is caused by the well-known trademark. Body Shop is a excellent at marketing and branding their products but they don’t always live up to the hype.

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