The latest Off-White x Converse collaboration is a masterpiece

Virgil Abloh’s ongoing evolving designs is the spark that Off-White needs to be the hottest designer streetwear brand to date.

The latest Off-White collaboration with Converse was released on October 8th 2018. This is their second collaboration with Converse, the first being the “Vulcanized” collaboration. But the new collaboration has a more appealing colourway than the previous one, mainly because it has more of the iconic Off-White look to the shoe.

We all know the basic look of the Chuck Taylor All Star but this particular Off-White shoe has a very eye-catching design. The main idea of this shoe is a classic Off-White style. You cannot go wrong with the iconic converse shoe combined with the variation of Off-White’s unique and bold designs. The upper canvas, which is basically the body of the shoe, has the Off-White industrial stamp that typically appears on Off-White apparel. This is located under the Converse logo on each exterior-facing side. On the midsole, Virgil Abloh incorporates Off-White’s signature diagonal black and white stripes. The famous Off-White zip tie is included on the top of the laces. The ends of the laces read “shoelaces”–the dead-simple-labelling-as-design technique that Abloh often uses. Last but not least, the sole of the shoe is a vibrant orange, another one of Off-White’s signature colours that has all the aspects to make a good Off-White shoe.  

Off-White’s first Converse collaboration was the translucent Chuck Taylor All Star which retailed for $1,300 US. The new Converse cost only about $200 which is a hypebeast dream: at this reasonable price, a lot more people will be able to get their hands on a pair compared to the over-$1000 prices that collabs like this can often cost.

With a designer brand name as big as Off-White, the reputation that Converse already has been one of the biggest names in shoes out there, and a price so relatively low compared to other collaborations that have happened in the past, this could truly be one of greatest selling Off-White shoes in a long time.

The shoe is a limited edition, for now, making them hard to get. The shoes will eventually be re-released on other shoe-selling websites and may be released in Off-White stores. They have been teased on many different websites but only a lucky few people can get to see how they really look and feel on their feet.

This shoe is a diamond in the rough, the rough being the designer articles that cost thousands of dollars more than this shoe which brings Off-White back to the more classical design. Off-White have made their mark with the iconic four-way arrow that is on almost every piece of Off-White, the zebra pattern specifically known as diagonals spray and the signature colours such as orange white and black exhibited in this shoe. While most of Abloh’s work appeals to only the certain of people who are truly interested in the new generation of designer clothing, the sneakerheads of the world will be dying to get this shoe all for themselves.

Off-White is possibly one of the most revolutionary clothing brands of our time because of the fact that they keep pushing quality items out that fit the modern day style. The lineups across several city blocks for some of these pieces of clothing shows just how much people love it. Their main collaborative partner is Nike there have been rumours that Virgil Abloh will release 16 more Off-White and Nike collaboration shoes planned for the rest of 2018. Off-White continues to evolve with these powerful collaborations keeping them at the top of the sneaker chain.   

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