Learn from an owner about the joys of the new Tesla Model 3

Everyday we see an increased number of Tesla 3’s on the street. Here is a look at the new model with an owners perspective.

Most people don’t know the joys of the new Tesla Model 3. Since the company gets plenty of press, most people know Tesla’s are innovative electric cars, but tend to lack the experience. This was me a year ago: having some knowledge on what a Tesla was, but not knowing what they were really like. Now my family owns a Tesla 3 and the more I drive in it, I discover my assumptions were wrong.

In June 2018 almost half a million Tesla Model 3’s had been reserved and are being delivered, my family’s Model 3 included. We received ours in early September. With its custom wheels and obsidian black tint, it looks great.

When people found out I owned a Tesla there were tons of repetitive questions. Most people assumed the car has short range and will run out of battery fairly quickly. The Tesla model 3’s range is listed as 354 km. We purchased the long term battery which boost the range to 500 km in perfect conditions. The average range of a gas-powered car is between 400 and 600 km.

Another question I get is about the Autopilot. The base model comes equipped with automatic emergency braking, and side and front collision warning. The Enhanced Autopilot version–which is another $6600–has Autosteer, Auto Lane Change, and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control where the car is able to sense other vehicles and obstacles. Tesla’s autopilot feature is still in the beta stages and over time will notice major upgrades and improvements.

There are several physical features on the Model 3 that most common cars don’t include. A feature all the Tesla models have are front trunks due to the car not having an engine. This gives us a lot more space to put our belongings. In addition, having no engine means that there is almost zero maintenance. A Tesla owner on Green Car Reports said after 20 months, he spent his first dollar on maintenance for new tires.

Even something as taken-for-granted as how you get into the car is slightly different with the Tesla. The door handles of the Tesla 3 are very unique in the way they are tucked into the car’s door and are a little tricky at first, but over time it becomes second nature.The car key for the Tesla 3 is the same size and shape of standard credit card. You can tap it on a sensor near the driver’s door to unlock the car. There is another way to unlock the car and it is through the Tesla app on owners phone. Every time the phone in within a few meters of the car it will unlock automatically and lock when leaving the car.

There are many other car features that can also be activated through the Tesla app. One of my family’s favourite features is the full climate control. On a frosty winter morning, you are able to pre-heat the seats and have the car all cozy for you when you get in. From the phone you are also able pop open all of the doors and trunks.

The feature I was most excited about was the enormous touch screen control panel. It controls many of the car’s features such as the air conditioning, speakers, bluetooth, and more. On the default screen when you first get into the car you access things like music, settings, and heat.

Riding in a Tesla is the most peaceful drive I have ever experienced. It feels like you are floating above the road. We have taken over a dozen people for a drive in the car and all of them were blown away and wanting their own.

So, if you are in the market for a new car and wanting switch to electric, Tesla’s are hands down the best options. No more paying for high-priced gas and maintenance while polluting the earth. As the newest and cheapest of Tesla’s, the model 3 is the best purchase. All the high tech features assisting the driver makes it an easy and enjoyable drive and get you to your destination safely. With more and more ordered everyday, Tesla is becoming the cars of the future, and rightly so.

Cover Image by Five Star Gong show

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