Where to go mountain biking in BC depending on your riding style

It's Saturday and you want to send it? Check out the best parks bike parks in BC.

Do you live in British Columbia? Do you ride mountain bikes? Well you live in the right place! Riding in BC is very rewarding due to our selection of trails and bike parks for all-around riders but it can be hard to find where you want to ride depending on what kind of features and trails you like. I have ridden in Whistler, North Shore, and Squamish. This article can give you an idea of what they are like to ride and if they are for you.

First off, the North Shore is one of the most popular mountain biking areas in the world. The amount of trails and the work put into them by the North Shore Mountain Biking Association and the uniqueness of the runs is amazing. When riding on the North Shore you should expect steep technical sections and a lot of wooden features on the trails.


Whistler is home of the biggest and best-rated bike park in the world. If you enjoy dirt jumps, progression and would rather take chair lifts instead of driving up the mountain, Whistler is the place for you. From the most simple straight-forward green trails, to some of the most gnarly pro lines, It’s got it all. This mountain is the place you go to test skills, progress on your abilities, or even starting from scratch if mountain biking is new to you or your family.


Squamish is by far my favourite place to ride. It is located in between Vancouver and Whistler. Here you will find the most natural, steep and technical trails. You also can find a special kind of natural dirt that forms when you don’t maintain the trails called loam–pine needles stacked on top of each other and loose dirt which makes it fun to shred and puts another perspective into riding.


If you ride mountain bikes in British Columbia, you are extremely fortunate. People travel from all around the world, and they always come back. People rate it as their absolute favourite place to ride. There are many different places and types to ride all around BC. Whether to test your skills or improve, I believe British Columbia is the best all-around place to ride a mountain bike.

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