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Coast Gravity Park has the smoothest berms in B.C

Here’s your guide to the trails, the jumps and why you should ride C.G.P. Image: Coast gravity park

Coast Gravity Park (CGP) is a dream ride with smooth trails and perfect berms that send around the corners as fast as you can. This bike park is located in scenic Sechelt, BC.

Getting there from the Metro Vancouver area where I live requires you to get up a little early, but it’s worth it.

We rode CGP from 10 am to 4 pm and it was some of the best riding I have ever done. For riding jumps and the smoothest berms and I would go to Coast gravity park over even the top-rated Whistler bike park because in CGP there’s no breaking bumps.  

And it’s a shuttle park. The park has a number of great trails from greens for beginners to the double black pro-line.

The CGP Shuttle– Image Credit: Coast Gravity Park

For beginners, Mr. Green is the trail for you. This is a machine-built trail with berms to keep the flow.

If you have ridden a couple of times and want more of a challenge, you might want to try out the blue trails. If you like speed, Dirt Wave is the trail to ride. The trail is built wide by machine and features tables, berms and rollers It makes you feel like you’re riding a roller coaster with the speed and air you get.

If you thought that was fun, you have to hit Lower Dirt Wave, which has bigger and fast berms and rollers to get as much speed as you can all away to the bottom.

Hot Lap is a fast, smooth trail where there are berms that will boost you straight out to a table top. The trail is wide and machine-built, so if you want max air time, this is the trail. You just have to ride it to experience it.

Red Dragon is a steeper ride that challenges you. It’s a fast trail that sends you in the berms.

Doggers is a red trail that is one of the park favorites. You can ride it all day and not get bored. It features larger rollers, gaps and berms that you can ride from top to bottom. It is the best trail for speed, jumps and berms.

Flight Deck is a pro-line. The 40-50 foot gaps are the biggest in the park. When you drop in, you get to a top speed of 60 km/h. If you like big jumps this is the trail to ride.

Coastal Cruise is one of the most popular trails at CGP . It is a hand built by the Coastal Crew for the pro-level rides that feature big gaps and berms. It is a top trail that ends in the middle where you can hit Flight Deck next.

At the bottom of the park is where you get on the shuttle and can also get burgers and drinks at the Coast Gravity Grill. Just behind the hut is a set of dirt jumps.

If you have a chance, go ride Coast gravity park. It has the perfect berms, and smooth jumps, no lines that you have to wait in and trails for all skill levels. Just get on your bike and ride.

Image: Coast Gravity Park

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  1. went there the first time i went mountain biking, hand job is pretty fun as well as hot lap


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