The crisis period of Real Madrid

Can Real Madrid handle all their problems before champion league finishes?

A few decades ago, the Champions league was considered one of the world’s largest tournaments. In the final match of 2017-2018, Real Madrid outstandingly won 4-1 against Juventus. This event led them to become the team to defend the championship for 3 years in a row. For the past 40 years, in the biggest football league of Spain–La Liga–Real Madrid always placed in the top 5.

However, in the current season, Real Madrid has slipped as low as 6th, with consecutive losses.

Thus, the question is: what is the reason for Real Madrid’s crisis?

The first factor results from the loss of their head coach–Zinedine Zidane. On May 31, he announced to his fans that he would step down and return to England without any explanation. It was an awful loss for Real Madrid, because he was a main reason why the team won three championships.

Another game-changer is the loss of their super star, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has transferred to Juventus. Along with this, some other Read Madrid player have their own transfer plans. Many stars want to move to teams in other countries such as England, Italy or Germany. For example, Luka Modric has rejected an offer to renew his contract with Real Madrid and is rumored to be interested to Serie A team Inter Milan, and Marcelo Vieira intends to move to Juventus with closely bonded teammate–Ronaldo.

Problems from within the staff have also caused problems. Their new head coach, Julen Lopetegui, wasn’t able to handle the team to keep up the work Zinedine Zidane did for Real Madrid and their fans. He was recently fired from the team. The board cited the gap between the quality of the players on Real Madrid and the results Lopetegui was able to obtain.

So what made the world champions weaker? Most people would like to point their finger towards Julen Lopetegui. However, he isn’t the one responsible for losing Ronaldo to Juventus. Club President Florentino Perez was unwilling to give Ronaldo the contract he felt he deserved. Ronaldo has racked up 450 points in 438 matches in 9 years. This is a record-breaking number. Real Madrid didn’t only sell a player, they sold a symbol, the greatest player in the history of the team.

Florentino Perez hasn’t been able to bring in any other stars strong enough to fill up the space that Ronaldo left, such as Harry Kane, Eden Hazard, Neymar or Kylian Mbappé.

However, one thing for sure is that Florentino Perez won’t resign his chair. Will new head coach Santiago Solari help Real return to the hayday or continue to slide in the series of humiliation?

Picture cre: pexels


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