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Top Ten Christmas Movies to Watch in December

Are you looking for good movies to watch that fit the season? Here is my top ten list. And don’t worry, I checked it more then twice.

December is the Christmas month, where you open gifts surrounded by family and friends, sing Christmas tunes, eat a big delicious Christmas meal and if you are lucky enough to have snow in your area, build a snowman! But by far the best thing to do on Christmas is to get your favorite blanket, a cup of hot cocoa and curl up in front of a Christmas movie. But what are you going to watch this Christmas? Check out my top ten recommendations!


10. Krampus

maxresdefault (1)
Universal Pictures

Krampus is about a family who loses Christmas spirit and summons the titular demon. The movie is a comedy that lacks a little bit of the scary aspect but is still great to show your kids that if you’re naughty and lose your Christmas spirit that a demon will come and put you family in a snow globe from the rest of your life.  




20th Century Fox

9. Edward Scissorhands

This a fantasy gothic love story about a man with scissors for hands who was made by a scientist. Johnny Depp brings the unlucky protagonist to life. Left with a freaky appearance after the scientist dies too early to complete his creation, Edward is taken home to a saleswomen named Peg and falls in love with an ordinary girl. It’s a great movie with a well-put-together plot that tells the story of how a monster is able 



8. The Muppet Christmas Carol

Walt Disney Home Entertainment

The movie is a cheerful family version of the Charles Dickens classic but starring The Muppets. This movie perfectly describes the magic of Christmas but also turns it into a musical and incorporates beloved Muppets that parents would remember from their childhood. If you’ve always wanted to see Miss Piggy and the beloved Kermit have a family, you can finally be able to with the Miss Piggy playing the role of Mrs. Emily and Kermit’s nephew as Tiny Tim. The Muppet Christmas Carol is a great way to introduce kids to a classic story.


Paramount Pictures

7. Scrooged

Another remake of A Christmas Carol. Bill Murray is just amazing. His sinister performance does a magnificent job playing the menacing and self-centered character Frank Cross. The script is very well done with some famous lines like when he was talking to the ghost of Christmas past and says, “I get it, you’re here to show me my past and I’m supposed to get all dully eyed and mushy. Well forget it pal, you got the wrong guy.”



6. Batman Returns

Related image
Warner Bros. Pictures

Batman Returns is a Christmas movie because it takes place during this festive time. As a big Batman fan, I really love the choice of picking Danny DeVito to play Penguin. I find he fits the character better than any other person that I can think of. I love how this movie keeps your eyes glued to the screen with the action packed fight scenes. One of my favourites is the Penguin for Mayor scene where Penguin comes downstairs stuffing his face with a raw fish to meet with his image consultants. One makes a joke about Penguin’s appearance and winds up getting bitten on the nose by the unpredictable villain. The film follows Batman through his journey of fighting crime and protecting Gotham.



5. A Christmas Story

Christmas Story keyart
Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s safe to say this movie will give you mixed feelings. With moments that you will remember like when Flick’s Tongue get stuck to the flagpole or when Ralphie gets a pink bunny costume from his Aunt Clara, it’s easy to forget that the main plot of the movie is about a boy who wants his ideal Christmas gift–a Red Ryder air rifle–and spends time avoiding a bully by the name of Scut Farkus. This movie is a classic and worth a watch whenever you want to see something a little different that relates to Christmas but is not overplayed.




Warner Bros. Pictures

4. The Polar Express

The Polar Express has incredible scenes. When the train engineer shows his marvelous train driving skills by drifting the train on the ice, it’s magical and astounding. With beautiful and fabulous animated characters, excellent voice actors such as Tom Hanks and Jimmy Bennett that also sing very well. This is a very fun and well-told story that follows a young boy on a journey to the North Pole that slowly makes him believe that the magic of Christmas really does exist. I have watched this movie every Christmas since I was 6 years old and it still manages to give me the same warm feeling inside that I had as a little boy.


3. Die Hard

Image result for Die hard
20th Century Fox

John McClane is coming home for Christmas but before he can do that he needs to kill some terrorists. The action in Die Hard is extremely intense and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The acting by Bruce Willis and Lorenzo Caccialanza is really impressive. It’s great to watch John McClane get out of bad situations in badass ways. It is the best Action-Christmas movie–a great relief if your holiday viewing has been a little too sweet.




Image result for Gremlins
Warner Bros. Pictures

2. Gremlins

This movie used to scare me when I was a little kid with its freaky demon-like furby. Nowadays when I watch it, I just laugh because it’s so hilarious. I love the scene where all the gremlins get drunk and destroy the bar. It is like a demented Looney Tunes with a great Christmas villain named Stripe–named for the white fur on top of his head. Stripe is strong, smart and cruel.



Media Home Entertainment

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas

A true classic, this is by far the greatest Christmas special ever. Not only is the story wonderful and heartwarming, but the music is excellent as well. On top of that, you have Snoopy–you can’t beat how loved he is. This is a movie that everyone needs to see at least once. There’s not much mention of Santa or presents which is great if you’re tired of stereotypical Christmas content. Instead, it focuses on the idea that Christmas is a time for family and friends.


Why go outside when it’s freezing and pouring snow when you can just stay inside and watch these great Christmas films. All of these movies are great to add to your holiday movie collection.


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