Rainbow Six Siege Wind Bastion is a strong season to end out the year

Two new operators, and a new, close-quarters map change up the playing styles going into 2019

Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) by Ubisoft, one of the most-played tactical shooters, recently release their new season, Wind Baston, . introducing two new operators, Kaid and Nomad, who have new abilities. This DLC also includes a new map–Fortress–and some buffs and nerfs to old operators.

Kaid, the new defender operator, can electrify anything metallic with his gadget, the “Rtila” Electroclaw. Electrifying creates deadly obstacles and makes it harder for attackers to make it to the objective. Nomad is the new attacking operator that is able to knock defenders off their feet with Airjab grenades. The launcher sticks the grenades where it lands and when a enemy walks by the grenades activate and knocks them down to the ground.

Fortress, the military training facility and Kaid’s own home, is located on top of a mountain in Morocco. The layout of the map has lots of vertical gameplay, giving attackers multiple lines of sight. Rooms are small and hallways are tight, although the doorways and other openings line up which means great opportunities to pick off the enemies.

Five operators have also been affected, some in bad ways some good ways. Mute is gets a buff that gives him a new secondary that you can use, the SMG-11, which also got a damage buff. Zofia is the hit the hardest, getting nerfed by losing one of her concussion grenades. Some other minor changes are the damage decrease to lesion’s T-5 SMG and Clash increasing electric damage from 3 to 5.

Overall, Wind Bastion is another great expansion that helps to build the R6S experience. Like every other season it will be interesting to see how the operators will affect the play style on the game and how it will affect the pro league scene. This is a strong season to end off year 3 and start the next.

Image credit: Ubisoft

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