Dropping into the Danger Zone–Counter-Strike’s intense and action-packed battle royale mode

This new entry into the battle royale genre differentiates itself with unique and unconventional features.

Along with dropping the price to zero, Valve Corporation has added a battle royale mode to their massive first-person shooter title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). 16 players are dropped into the Danger Zone, a battle arena where they must use their skills, knowledge and resources to become the last man standing.

CSGO is known for having excellent shooting mechanics. Unlike other popular first person run-and-gun shooters such as Call of Duty, you can’t really shoot while running or jumping. CSGO has recoil patterns—a consistent spread of bullets for each weapon—which can be thrown off by jumping or running. Gamers who master shooting will have a better chance of surviving encounters with other opponents. Ammo is scarce in Danger Zone which encourages players to shoot accurately and not waste ammo. Other games give you so much ammo, you will never run out. Making ammo rare rewards gamers who put in the time to develop their aim rather then holding the trigger and hoping your shots land.

The only map so far, Blacksite, is smaller than most, but that isn’t a bad thing. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for example, has a massive 16-square- kilometre map. On such a large map, hundreds players will be running around for most of the game without encountering opponents. A smaller map allows the players to land closer to each other, creating a more fast-paced and intense game.

Danger Zone’s dropping system is completely different from other battle royale games. The game map is broken up into hexagonal tiles which players must choose claim and deploy on via helicopter. Other players cannot land in the same tile. This stops players from all landing at the same place such as Tilted Towers in Fortnite.  This spacing gives you more time to find weapons and equipment without having to worry about someone being right behind your back.

Most battle royale games like PUBG and Fortnite typically end with everyone camping in buildings, waiting for the zone to close in. You’ll run around for 30 minutes only to be killed by someone who’s been hiding for the entire game. Danger Zone counteracts this by showing the locations of other players. The hexagonal sectors of the map will turn yellow when a player enters the general vicinity. This prevents gamers from using the stale tactic of playing the waiting game as others adversaries will know roughly where they are hiding.

The currency system from CSGO’s competitive mode has been taken into the battle royale. There are multiple ways for you to earn currency. You can blow up safes to get money, but they are loud and will definitely alert everyone. You can also complete contract missions which include rescuing hostages or killing high-priority targets, which are other players. Both of these, however, will barely give you any funds. You’ll receive more money for playing passively, collecting money off the ground and just surviving. You can spend your cash on equipment and weapons that have an Amazon Prime style drone delivery, which is slow and loud. This allows for a high-risk, high-reward strategy. You will receive the items you need but there are probably ten enemies hunting you down.

Danger Zone is a strong contender in the arena of battle royale games.  With the introduction of a currency system, a player-tracking mechanic and a unique dropping system along with the great gun mechanics, it manages to stand out in the saturated genre without having to copy gimmicks from others, such as vehicles and building. Valve made a battle royale with a creative and interesting twist on the battle royale genre.

Image Credit: Valve Corporation

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