Using marijuana to treat mental health is not the best idea

While there are medical benefits to using CBD which is present in pot, the mental health benefits of marijuana must be weighed against the mental health damage it can do.

Many people have considered the Canadian legalization of marijuana to be a dream come true. Before marijuana was legal, 16% of Canadians were consuming it regardless. Many claim that it keeps them relaxed, prevents them from being stressed, and helps with their anxiety.

However, I feel like smoking weed to treat anxiety is a terrible idea. The fact is that marijuana is preventing many people from being successful in life. I know this for a fact because I have witnessed people become dull and unaware of reality once they start smoking pot regularly. Marijuana is known to make people very lazy and super grouchy. It can cause anxiety in some people and possibly depression. Studies suggest that people who try marijuana at some point in their life, especially at a young age, are definitely falling into a big risk of getting anxiety.

People that suffer from anxiety and depression can take care of themselves in a variety of different ways without putting themselves at risk of making their condition worse by taking marijuana. They can see a counselor, go to the doctor and get prescribed medication which is also known to be helpful.

When people do choose to use medical marijuana, doctors and psychiatrists are starting to look at the benefits of marijuana that is high in cannabidiol (CBD). When choosing marijuana to treat those problems, doctors are recommending that you find marijuana that is higher in CBD then the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is really popular for treating anxiety and depression. Bob Marley used to argue that marijuana can “heal the nation.” but he also didn’t know that you can use CBD to prevent feelings of anxiety. CBD can be found in marijuana but so can THC.

Smoking pot isn’t always the wisest idea to relieve your mental issues. Instead you should seek out other treatments first. But if you insist on using a marijuana-based method, seek out medicinal marijuana products that are high in CBD to relieve your issues.

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1 comment on “Using marijuana to treat mental health is not the best idea

  1. I like to indulge at night (THC) so I can get some sleep. I also find that the CBD’s helps tremendously with anxiety.


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