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YouTube bans dangerous challenges

From Tide Pods to Bird Box, risky trends and memes have put YouTube copycats in harms way.

2018 has been a year to remember. We went from Tide Pods, to the Gallon Challenge to the recent Bird Box challenge. But now YouTube is now banning people from posting dangerous or harmful pranks and challenges.

The Gallon Challenge started off 2018 by getting people to vomit by trying to chug a gallon of milk in 60 minutes. If you don’t puke, you beat the challenge. Turns out it is pretty much physically impossible.

Shortly after the Gallon Challenge died down, another painful challenge arose that could ruin the way your skin looks for eternity called the Salt and Ice Challenge. The Salt and Ice Challenge needs two ingredients–can you guess what they are? You put salt on your arm, spread a little pile and shape it to the size of an ice cube and shortly after apply the ice cube and see how long you can hold it on before you give up. The burn is extremely painful.

Recently, the big trending challenge has been all over the news, and has caused a lot of injuries. The Bird Box Challenge started after Netflix released the Bird Box movie December 21st. The goal is to perform basic tasks while blindfolded, like walking around or driving a car.

YouTube has been a hub for posting and sharing content that people look up to and copy. The fact that people imitate what they see and put up shocking videos to rack up views have made these challenges more and more dangerous to a point where YouTube is putting their corporate foot down to end all dangerous challenges and pranks that could harm people or be a bad influence on the public. Content creators have two months to take the videos that involve these challenges down. If you don’t follow the guidelines YouTube has all rights to ban, or completely take away your channel.

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