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In the future, will the gas drive to you?

New gas delivery companies are springing up to fill their customers cars wherever and whenever they need it.

Instead of looking for a gas station, why not call a company that delivers gas to you? New services are dispatching gas-delivering trucks that fill your car anywhere at anytime.

There are many gas delivery companies like Yoshi, Booster and WeFuel, but the company ‘Filld’ developed their own app where you can now order gas to your car and they will deliver. Currently it is only available for iOS. This company teamed up with German car company ‘Car2go’. “No more going to the gas station. No more wasting driver’s times and our cars will be more available for our members,” says Chris Luvancigh, general manager of Car2go.

Filld, was first founded in 2015. This is the first gas delivering company who properly found a way to deliver fuel to your car and began a mobile gas delivering app for particular vehicles in Vancouver. Customers go on Filld’s website or app to call a gas-delivering truck to the spot where you want to meet during the specific time where you parked your vehicle. After making an order, you would need to leave the vehicles gas flap open before any of the gas delivery trucks arrives.

In October, Filld would charge every customer $4 for each pre-scheduled order, on top of gas costs. Now, the visiting fee has increased to $5. Customers would get charged $5 for the one location they would arrive to, even if there are multiple vehicles on the person’s driveway waiting to get filled. Gas prices depend on the average price in your area. For immediate service on demand, the delivery price would cost around $2.99 -$7.99 depending on the time. Filld’s services must can be paid through either debit or a credit card as they don’t accept cash.

Yoshi, launched in 2015 and it’s another gas delivery company, operating in San Francisco and Nashville. And the co- founder of this company, David Goboud, said that gas stations are said to be safer than gas stations. He also said that their delivery trucks are 100% manageable and they have approved their laws and regulations. Yoshi charges customers $20 per month plus gas costs In addition to refueling, the service offers services like car washing and oil changes. Yoshi has already received over $15 million.

It is unclear whether or not gas-delivery will take hold with the general population. How much would you pay to never have to fill your car up yourself again?


Image: Yoshi

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