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Scarlet: The Lunar Chronicles is an intriguing sci-fi adventure

The novel has depth and the overall story is very well-developed. It is perfect for readers who want a mix of action and mystery.

Scarlet: The Lunar Chronicles, by American author Marissa Meyer, is a superb novel. The plot was intriguing from beginning to end and the novel’s context is well developed. It’s an action-packed story with some mystery and adventure. This young adult science fiction novel is a sequel to Cinder–the first book of the Lunar Chronicles–but it can be enjoyed without having read the previous book.

This story is slightly based on “Little Red Riding Hood” will some different twists and extra characters like a cyborg and an evil queen. The protagonist of Scarlet is a teenage girl of that name trying to keep her family farm alive. She is living with her grandma in Rieux, France. Her grandma was the only one taking care of her because she had a very drunk father. When her grandma goes missing, she starts looking for answers. She comes to believe that her grandma was kidnapped and will stop at nothing until she finds her. While Scarlet is a very nosy character, but she also has good intentions. She will also try her best to solve or prevent problems from happening. She has a good friend named Emilié, Emilié introduced her friend to a street fighter that she thought was handsome. The street fighter’s code name was Wolf, his real name is Ze’ev Kesley, he is also the leader of a gang. Wolf was a very strong fighter, when he was introduce to a fighting ring he almost defeated a champion. It like a modernized version of the classic “Little Red Riding Hood” that takes you places like a ship, a farm, a dark and dingy alley, New Beijing, Paris and a jail.

The writing is detailed and immersive as in this scene where Meyer writes, “Scarlet stared at the small screen until the words turned into a screaming blur of white and black and the ground seemed to drop out from beneath the ship. The plastic panel on the back of the screen crunched in her tightening grip.” Or in lines that push you forward and make you feel Scarlet’s crisis, such as when Meyer describes how “Scarlet’s world was crashing down around her and nobody noticed. Her grandmother was missing and nobody cared.” The action displays includes street fighting, wars between foes and many of scenes of escaping.

Overall the book will demonstrate what it’s like to help your family continue the family tradition alive, in this case it’s the farm.

I find this book is a good read for people of all ages maybe not for kids under grade 7 as some chapters feature violent imagery and also includes inappropriate language in the text, though censored with asterisks. I will recommend it for book reports because the books content goes in very deep so that is why I believe it’s a good book to read for a book report. 10/10!

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