How to quit smoking by using other nicotine products

Addictions and cravings do not feel very nice for your body, mind and health, but these are some ways to quit or slow down on your addiction.

For years, nicotine use declined as cigarettes became less and less popular. But the rise of vaping and e-cigarettes has brought nicotine back in a big way.

Nicotine is a very addictive substance as most people already know, and cigarettes are definitely the most addictive. They contain over 600 ingredients and create over 7000 chemicals when burned and smoked including butane, jet fuel, paint, hexamine, stearic acid, cadmium, acetic acid, carbon monoxide, menthane, and ammonia. These chemicals not only make cigarettes more addictive but also more deadly.

If you’re looking into quitting cigarettes, a good first step is to switch to a vaporizer. They still deliver nicotine, but they are not as addictive or as damaging as cigarettes. This can help you to minimize the harm you are doing to yourself while getting closer to quitting nicotine completely.

Vapes have a mod and a tank in which you put “e-juice”. E-juice has tons of different flavorings that you can choose such as, mango, blueberry, menthal, tobacco, fruit punch, and more. (Some of these flavours have been criticized for appealing to young people to try to get them hooked on nicotine.) The e-juice usually contains 3-18 mg of nicotine. This is lower than some other kinds of e-cigarettes like the Aspire Breeze or Juuls. One of the dangers of vapes with tanks is that if they have been through a lot of use, the metal from the heating coil can enter your lungs. It’s recommended to change the the coils every 1-2 weeks. Also, vapes haven’t been subject to a lot of research, so we can’t yet be certain what the long term effects of vaping are.

In the past couple of years companies have came out with lots vapes, but the new concept of nicotine salts has people going crazy. Two popular brands that use nicotine salts are Juul and Aspire Breeze. These vapes have a super small coil, don’t require high temperatures, and due to their high nicotine levels, provide a rush that is similar to cigarettes. This has proved to be a winning formula for these companies. They are much more addictive.

Instead of jumping on the the vaping bandwagon, another way to quit is to use nicotine-infused items, such as, gum, spay, and patches. Gum is a really good way to quit. You can get a range of nicotine content and they are much less unhealthy than smoking. Nicotine spray comes in a 75 ml bottle. You can get up to 140 sprays out of one bottle. They are a little pricey but definitely a good option to quitting. Patches are simple: you put them somewhere on your body, usually on the arm. It’s a process for patches though, the first patch is 21 mg nicotine, next is a 14 mg patch, and 7 mg patch You change them every day for 2 weeks and gradually reduce your nicotine dependency.

So if you’re a smoker, who doesn’t want to be one anymore, these are some products you can look into. The sprays, patches and gum are probably your best bet for you to quit smoking without simply switching to a new addictive habit.

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