Steroid use is the shame of Major League Baseball

Regular testing hasn’t been enough. Players caught using performance enhancing drugs should kicked out of the league.

Steroid use in Major league baseball has been a huge scandal for the league in recent years. Hitter Barry Bonds used steroids to help him break records. He hit the farthest home run in major league baseball, breaking his bat in the process. After this, fans started get suspicious. Months later he tested positive and his reputation took a serious blow.

Steroids also have dangerous side effects. They can get you very sick and also can cause cancer. Alex Rodriguez lost hair and became depressed, leading to his retirement. Ryan Braun had severe acne, oily skin and hair.

The first time a player gets caught doing steroids, he gets suspended for 50 games. The second time, it will be a 100-game suspension. The third time, he is banned for life. J.C Moraro and Pablo Ozuna both got 50-game suspensions and Barry Bonds received a 100-game suspension.

Players are checked for banned substances by having monthly urine tests, but they are able to cheat the test by getting their medical staff to help them out.

The use of steroids is a problem in all sports. In the NFL, it’s estimated that 40% of the players use steroids. In cycling 50% use steroids and in the MLB, it’s a staggering 85%.

It is strange that players who have reached the Major League aren’t satisfied with how good they are and that they are willing to take the risk of getting caught and ruining their career. It seems that players cheat because they want be at the very top of the league and everything that comes with that like fame and money. They want to hit 50 home runs in a season and make some incredible plays.

But nobody likes cheaters. When you cheat, you are not only doubting your abilities, you are letting your fans down. Testing is important in order to keep sports fair and keep players healthy. Still, given how widespread steroid use is, despite testing, it’s clear that punishments need to be more severe. Players caught using performance enhancing drugs should kicked out of the league.

Image: Flickr/Kevin Rushforth

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