Harverd Dropout shows Lil Pump is still having the most fun

There can only be one Lil Pump and it isn’t you, but he’ll bring you along for the ride.

Lil Pump’s highly anticipated album Harverd Dropout was released to mixed reviews coming from the critics and die hard Pump fans. On one hand the critics believe this to be the worst Pump album to date, while Pump fans love every bit of the album with its fun, catchy songs. This album features some of Pump’s hottest songs at the moment with lots of features big names such as Lil Wayne, Offset, Lil Uzi Vert and Smokepurpp. There are not many artists that have the same feel as Lil Pump, making the album one of a kind. The songs are upbeat and easy to vibe to.

In Harverd dropout Lil Pump strays away from the yelling tone in his previous tracks, and features more of a flow in his delivery. Some fans of Pump were surprised by the change and many of them disappointed by the fact that he doesn’t have the powerful tone anymore.

The name Harverd Dropout refers to a joke with Lil Pump and his fan base. Pump claims he was a “Harvard dropout” as a joke towards himself explaining how he’s too stupid to ever be accepted to Harvard, and in a way like a diss towards the education system saying he doesn’t need school to make his millions.

Be Like Me” is Lil Pump’s hottest song on the album with 35 million views on Youtube. It conveys his assurance that there can only be one, inimitable Lil Pump. He explains that just because you have face tattoos or dreadlocks, it doesn’t mean you are him. It takes more than appearance to be a top billboard rapper. All time rap legend Lil Wayne features on this song–one of the earliest rappers to use “Lil” in his name. Like Lil Pump, Lil Wayne raps about his money, his achievements and how nobody can be like him. It seems both generations spend their money on the same things: jewelry, girls and cars.

Another very popular song with 23 million views on Youtube is “Racks on Racks,” which was an instant hit because of its upbeat tune and lyrics. The theme is similar to most of his songs: money and cars: “None of my cars ain’t rented / All matte black,” raps Pump in the chorus.

Lil Pump’s Harverd Dropout album is an exceptional album. It was definitely worth the wait and all the hype surrounding it. The album has great beats and very fun lyrics that everyone can sing to. However, some people will say it’s Lil Pump’s worst album to date. The reason behind this opinion is because when Lil Pump created Gucci Gang everyone expected the same caliber of music. That song was an instant hit and dominates his overall streams at 888 million plays.

Although the album is being criticised, I love this album because I feel it connects with the listener in a way where everyone wants to to have that big expensive lifestyle like Pump, his collection of supercars his thick diamond chains and designer clothing, which are all things most people desire having, Overall most of The rap community because of its negative review resent the album, and all the die hard fans of Pump can’t wait to see more from him as his career continues, hoping for some more instant hits.


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  1. this is one of the most heart warming post ive read on 8 forty you go lilborat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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