Jadon Sancho is soccer’s next superstar

The young Englishman is on the verge of being the next soccer great, showcasing something never seen before on the pitch.

As Jadon Sancho accelerates past the fullback, cuts back on the side of the 18 yard box, making defenders fall, whips the ball to the back post and his teammate puts it in the back of the net.

The young englishman is amazing on the pitch. His great playmaking abilities and strong finishing has helped his team gain second position at the moment in the Bundesliga. He could be looking to sign a contract this summer over 100 million euros (150 million Cdn).

As a kid, Sancho got his first taste of competitive soccer when he enrolled for the school team. He would also develop his skills playing in the back alleys and on the streets. There he would practice the fundamentals and get many touches on the ball. His ability to play soccer was limited to those two options. “After school, I just wanted to play football. All around me, there were people who did bad things, but I never wanted to deal with them,” Sancho told the BBC. At the age of seven he decided to sign with Watford and started training with their youth camp. Even at this age he was already living every kid’s dream. He joined the team playing out on the wing. The commute to Watford’s training grounds was 22 miles, but transportation was provided by the club.

“When I saw Jadon and Reiss I thought, ‘These boys are mad.’ Jadon was just making people look stupid. The nutmegs, the skills. Some were outrageous,” Southwark community coach Sayce Holmes-Lewis said. At the age of 11, Sancho turned down offers from Chelsea and Arsenal as he preferred to train with Watford’s program. In 2015, he finally decided to sign with Premier League giants, Manchester City where he continued to impress scouts around the world.

When in Manchester City, Sancho didn’t think he was getting enough playing time and needed a change. Pep Guardiola, Manager of Man City was shocked and was just about to give Sancho a new contract, but it was too late as Borussia Dortmund had already snatched up the wonder kid.

In his first season he made only three appearances and played very limited minutes. It was not until this season that he really showed the world what he could do. Across 31 appearances in the Bundesliga, Sancho has produced 11 goals and 17 assists. He has helped Dortmund to be a top team in the Bundesliga and if all goes right, he could see his first league title. Jadon Sancho is very calm and collected when on the ball helping him produce these stats. He doesn’t panic and makes the right decisions. This is also one of the reasons why he has been called up for the English national team.

Although Borussia Dortmund has been knocked out of the Champions League in the round of 16 to the Tottenham Hotspurs, already Sancho is being named the next Neymar Jr.

Pep Guardiola must be kicking himself.

After Dortmund got knocked out by Tottenham, rumours suggested Sancho was going to sign with Manchester United for a fee of 100 million Euros ($150 million Cdn.) For now, he has signed a contract until 2022 with Borussia Dortmund, but many Manchester United fans remain hopeful to see this trade happen as it could help them win a league title next season. If he is traded, Dortmund fans aren’t going to be happy.

Sancho has not only achieved but surpassed expectations. Handling the amount of pressure he has at this age is remarkable. Each time Sancho touches the ball, he always makes people wonder what he will do with it next because he is so unpredictable. Watching the sensational winger on the ball is fun and you can count on him to make a good play. The skill in such a young man astounds even his teammates. “I wasn’t that far at his age,” Marco Reus, captain of Borussia Dortmund said. “So much respect!”

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