Lil Uzi Vert’s upcoming album Eternal Atake may go multi-platinum

Lil Uzi Vert is planning to release his new album “Eternal Atake” that had been

Lil Uzi Vert has become a staple artist in many high school music playlists. With chart topping singles like Money Longer, Xo Tour Llif3, and New Patek, he isn’t stopping anytime soon

As a high schooler, he had no intentions of becoming a musician. He began rapping because a classmate, William Aston, was putting out a freestyle over a Chris Brown beat. Uzi had to show William what he was made of. After that, he took him to the studio and asked Uzi to spit bars. When he began writing music he dropped out of school, unsupported by his mother. Later Uzi got kicked out of his home because he didn’t have a job and didn’t want to go to school. He moved in with his grandmother, who encouraged his musical passion.

After successfully reaching the forefront of the music scene with over 16 million listeners per month only on Spotify and being a Grammy-winning artist, Lil Uzi started dating Brittany Byrd, a fashion editor for Kode Magazine, who became his inspiration for the albums, Luv is Rage 1 and 2, and Lil Uzi Vert Versus The World. Uzi uses his songs to talk about their love and their break up amid rumours of cheating.

Another inspiration for his music is Marilyn Manson, whom he portrays as a god-like figure: “That’s my father. The Pale Emperor. Listen here, at age 27 I will leave this Earth for this man right here.” Uzi has many portraits and jewelry pieces dedicated to Manson including a diamond-covered chain featuring Manson with a Mickey Mouse hat on. Because of the many Manson and devil references in his music, including the song title “444+ 222”, many fans associate him with Satanism–a philosophy also espoused by Manson. This may have contributed to a feud with battle rapper Daylyt, who said, “I think Lil Uzi Vert is the devil. I asked him if he was here to destroy the earth and he said yea, I believe that. He said all his friends are dead and they died.”

It is no secret Uzi likes to indulge himself with an estimated net worth of $17 million (USD). His garage is expansive with iconic cars such as a Rolls Royce Dawn, Lamborghini Aventador and Huracan, a Dodge Hellcat and even a G-wagon. Another thing he likes to spend his money on is clothes and jewelry, and almost everyday you can see him in a new designer outfit and shoes. Some designer outfits costing a staggering $10,000.

In 2016, Uzi was featured in the song Bad and Boujee written by the Migos, which subsequently topped the charts showing more people who Uzi is and what he is capable of. Shortly after this success, Uzi dropped the song “XO Tour Llif3” which reached 6th on the charts and as of now has gone seven times platinum.

Since then he has had struggles with his record label and DJ Drama. His song Free Uzi talks about those problems and him supposedly leaving the label. After the song got pulled from all streaming services except YouTube, Uzi decided to speak about the issues and planned to sign with Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang. The “deal” fell through as Uzi is being held against his will to Generation Now Music.

Uzi is prepared to drop his next album, Eternal Atake. The new album separates itself from the ex-girlfriend based lyrics Instead, the lyrics are more focused on personal wealth and achievements:

Went back-to-back, back-to-back, back-to-back)
Bentley, Hellcat, new Lambo and Maybach
I can’t talk on the phone, think my shit is tapped

Eternal Atake will have around 26 songs. Sales rates are expected to be high because of the profit of the successor albums Luv is Rage 2, and The Perfect Luv Tape, as well as two singles off the album: Sanguine Paradise, and That’s A Rack. They have together amassed around 500,000 streams and have set a chill vibe for the album. The most anticipated song of the album is “Count Up” featuring Chief Keef which is highly rated because of Keef’s commercial success, especially with his song Love Sosa.

With no clear date of release for the album, we will have to wait and endure whatever “Soon,” means. But it may be a long while.

Image Credit: lil uzi vert: instagram

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