3 tips for high school students to make summer break last longer

Since school will be out soon, high school students will have the opportunity to do anything they want, homework and project free. But whether you are going on a family vacation or just want to stay home and chill out, summer goes by fast. To avoid feeling like your summer went away in the blink of an eye, here are some tips to make it feel as long as possible.

Try something new

Instead of going to the same places every day, try something new. Anything you have dreamed of doing, try it. Doing ambitious activities like going rafting, or trying skydiving to see what it is like to be falling 10000 feet in the air can create a sense of more time. According to David Eagleman, a professor at Stanford University, “Pursuing new settings, new activities, and new experiences is the best way to “stretch time.”When you spend time doing something you haven’t done before, your brain spends time collecting data and tries to make more thorough memories. When you reflect on that experience, it seems much longer because of all the memories you’ve stored in that time. When you do the same activities repetitively, your brain can’t collect data so you forget about those hours and “time flies.”

Put down the video game

When you sit around and play video games all day you lose your perception of time because you get lost in the game. According to a 2011 study by Simon Tobin from the University of Quebec, one hour of playing may only feel like 20 minutes. Video games will always be there; however, going out with friends and taking advantage of the summer weather could create memories that last a lifetime. If you plan on having a long lasting summer, don’t spend all your time inside. Instead, enjoy the nature along with the beautiful sunny weather. Go out with your friends and try something new.

Wake up much earlier

Waking up at 11:30 in the morning wastes a huge portion of your day. When waking up at a late time, you waste around five hours of sunlight sleeping causing the day to feel shorter. Instead, wake up at 7 and get the day started. When I went camping, my family and I woke up around 6. Before noon, we got up out of bed, made breakfast and ate. We went on a long hike out of the campsite and halfway up the mountain. We accomplished a ton before the afternoon came and then we had the rest of the day to relax and talk to each other since we woke up early. Get up earlier and fit more into your day.

Plan Trips

Instead of staying in your city the whole summer, plan to go somewhere you have never gone before. According to Mark’s Daily Apple, “Planning a bit, even if it’s just a skeleton plan, gives you something to look forward to. It extends and enriches the trip beyond the trip itself.” Just get out of town away from the normal life, and make new memories.

If you plan on making the next two months worthwhile, don’t waste half the day and roll out of bed at noon. Get off Fortnite and go for a bike ride. Don’t waste your summer, because you only have eight weeks and it’s going to go by fast. Sooner or later you’re back to studying for math exams, analyzing Shakespeare and walking to school in the pouring rain, while wishing summer break had lasted longer.


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