My time on a winning youth soccer team has created a brotherhood to last forever

From winning two League titles, two Coastal Cups, and one Provincial cup, Burnaby District Metro Selects has made unforgettable memories but as the team changes, can they continue to keep the winning legacy going.

With an astonishing 15 wins, 3 ties and only 1 loss this season, Burnaby District Metro Soccer (BDMS) have acquired their second league title, second Coastal Cup and are looking to win their second Provincials this summer. It’s a great team, but–full disclosure–I’m biased. After all, I’m on it.

I’m the starting center back, holding down the back line stopping attacking players from the opposition from scoring goals. Being on the team since the very start of when we were eligible to tryout, I have seen lots of changes throughout my four years. I’ve seen players go down to lower level teams or up to high performance league (HPL).

The team has come a far way as a brotherhood and as individuals. Growing from kids to young men, the team has all matured. The coaches have played a big role in that too. Yes, they coach and teach the fundamentals of soccer, but they also teach discipline, manners, how to respect others. I believe that is one of the keys to why the team keeps on winning. It’s not all about skill, it’s about the hard work that you are willing to put in. One of the all-time greatest players in the world, Pele, says, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

As the team’s journey comes to an end, ending strong was important which meant they had to win the Coastal Cup. Throughout the tournament, BDMS had to play 2 easy games against North Vancouver and Port Moody, beating them 4-2 and 3-1, respectively. Jason Reale, a player for Port Moody said, “We really had no chance. [BDMS] have a really good back line and it was done in the first five minutes.”  

At the Coastal Cup finals, the pressure was on BDMS as we were predicted to win it all. All hyped up, the game started and instantly we were defending and attacking strong. Pushing them off the ball, hitting the woodwork of the goal and winning every ball in the air. The team planned to not concede in the first half. Joey Cannova scored halfway through the first half with his head to guide the ball into the back of the net. BDMS came out hungry for the ball in the second half. Haris Hussaini had a breakaway and slotted it into the bottom corner making it 2-0 for BDMS. Vancouver found a goal late in the second half making it 2-1. It wasn’t enough though, as the final whistle blew and we were Coastal Cup champions once again.

The team will drastically change next season. Players from different teams and parents think the team will fall apart and drop in the standings, but I believe they will continue to be a top three team in the league. BMDS may be losing a lot of quality players, but what is going to keep them a winning team is the players that are staying are going to mentor the new players. More players will step up into the leadership role and teach the new players what it is going to take if they want to keep on winning. The new players picked up after the tryouts are looking like a good fit for the team are keeping up and gelling well at practice. As long as the team works their hardest and plays good soccer they can shut down these comments and prove many wrong.

Six players are now moving on to the HPL league, but we are all proud of the legacy we are leaving behind and that a piece of the brotherhood will continue as it moves on.

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