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Fiordilatte brings master level gelato to Burnaby

Fiordilatte a master level gelato shop bringing amazing gelato to the world

Everyone loves a good gelato, but finding a real, authentic tasting gelato in Vancouver, BC has been a dilemma for years. Plenty of shops come and go, but few produce the smooth creamy texture you’re looking for. A new gelato shop is aiming to change that: Fiordilatte, a gelateria located In North Burnaby.

Its a name in Italian that means flour and milk, which is also a popular gelato flavour, and yes they do make a good FIordilatte. Full disclosure: it’s owned by a close friend of mine.

When Flordilatte opened, I went in on the first day. You walk into an aroma of all the gelatos, which I found to be a pleasant greeting. It’s has a very modern look with lots of white, creating a very open and calm feeling. The display case to the right of the door features very vibrant colors with the sun’s light beaming off it, giving it a very appealing look.

I was instantly greeted by my friend and fellow 8forty writer who has written about his entrepreneurial experience. All of the gelato is made by his father who attended a school in Italy to acquire the skill to make world-class gelato. “Ever since I was a little boy, I looked at gelato like an art form,” he told me.  “Every scoop, ingredient is all to be dealt with the utmost care and attention.” I have been to plenty other gelaterias in the Greater Vancouver area, and none of them feel like a family-owned business representing pride in their product and service.

Going to a gelato place is straightforward; you come, buy your gelato and leave. I’m not slandering any business, that’s how it’s supposed to go. During my multiple experiences at Fiordilatte, they give you a friendly wave to always make you feel welcome.

Born in Sambiase, Italy, Domenico Carnovale was surrounded by the best gelato makers in the world. As a young boy, he and his friends would go to gelaterias and have the luxury of world-renowned gelato. From living these experiences and seeing his friends’ life choices in the field of gelato he felt inspired. Coming to Canada in 1975 his hopes were high, but his aspirations were much higher. Meeting his soon to be wife and future business partner gave him even more reason to follow his dreams.

With two children, Pietro and Valentino both in high school, it’s a great way to get help around the shop and spread awareness for the company. Being situated in the Burnaby Heights area, very popular for its annual events like Giro Di Burnaby and Hats Off Day, is an ideal position and helps introduce a lot of new customers. Since the opening of the shop, it has had success, having lots of brand recognition from social media and word of mouth.

The name is now a common word in the Heights area. With the massive influx of customers that the owners did not expect, they have since had to hire two extra hands around the shop. While some of the popular opinions among my colleagues here at 8forty describe it as a bit pricey, they also commend it for its generous portions and, quality ingredients and great flavour.

Fiordilatte is located 4233 Hastings st, Burnaby BC. There hours are 11am to 11pm everyday .

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