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Procrastinating is better

My life is better when I procrastinate and let me tell you, I will never start my work on time no matter what.

Forget about doing the list of things lingering in the back of your mind, take a break from that very important task that is supposed to be done by 5 o’clock tonight, and enjoy putting off that work until the very last minute. It’s way better for you, trust me.

Most people think that procrastination is a bad thing, but I can tell you with all certainty that they’re wrong. If I were to actually start my work when I should and get it done before the deadline, I would have never learnt how to think on the spot quickly. I would have never been able to do a week’s worth of work in merely three hours, or cleaned my entire house in a matter of twenty minutes because I have company coming over. Obviously, there are benefits to this prolonging of chores and homework. You get to do things you actually enjoy like sitting and eating popcorn you hand popped on the stove instead of microwaving a boring packet, and avoid folding that pile of random laundry that somehow appeared on your couch because folding those clothes definitely is something that you are wanting to do when you get home after a day at school.

Let’s be honest, no one in their right mind is thinking, “I can’t wait ‘till I get to fold my laundry!” I avoid my laundry until I absolutely need to. When I get up in the morning and there isn’t anything to wear and I’m struggling to find clothing and leave in the fifteen minutes I gave myself to get ready. You might be getting up at seven in the morning and take your time choosing an outfit and eating your breakfast, but I get up fifteen minutes until I need to leave to barely make it to school on time. So you tell me who is winning in this situation. I’ll give you a little hint: it’s the person sleeping more. Yes, I could get up slightly earlier and take my time getting ready in the morning, but those extra forty-five minutes of sleep I’m choosing over getting ready is actually good for my health. Might I add that if I wake up late it actually makes me more productive in the morning because I know there isn’t any time to look at my phone or sit on my porch and enjoy my coffee. I get my stuff together and get out the door as soon as possible, because there is no way I want to get yelled at in Spanish from my teacher for being late to my first block class.

With procrastination, I don’t ever need to worry about doing that task before needing to do it because I’m doing other important things like colour coding my closet. When I colour code that closet I have done something else that was never on my to do list but I decided to do anyway, and it feels good. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good binge-watching session as much as the next person but sometimes it makes you feel guilty and then you end up doing the thing you’ve been procrastinating because you felt guilty. The problem with that is if you do this super important thing, it is going to be half-assed and not as good as when you do it in 30 minutes before its deadline. I even have flawless proof that this works because my project that was due on Friday morning, and was done an hour before the class, and I still got a ninety percent on it. So why would I do my work beforehand? If I can stay up late and watch The Office for the tenth time, that sounds much more enjoyable then slaving over my desk, working on a project that I can do tomorrow morning much more efficiently and better.

Life is just so much more enjoyable when you just don’t do the things that we all hate doing. Deadlines and cutoffs are only around to cause you stress and make life just that less happy. Think about it. Really think about it. If I can make my life more pleasant and avoid my work to help my well being and overall happiness and get it done and end up with a good grade, I’m going to take that chance and do exactly that.

Now that you know that procrastinating is the better way to live, go and procrastinate as much as possible. If I somehow did not convince you that life is better when you put off work, go and do that thing you need to do and are avoiding by reading this article.

It’s good to procrastinate, and I am walking proof.

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