Rush Wars is a solid game with potential but it‘s still failing

Supercell’s latest but not so greatest game, Rush Wars falls short of the games that came before.

Game developer, Supercell, a veteran in the mobile game industry, beta-launched their new game, Rush Wars. With many big hits behind it like Hay Day, Boom Beach, Clash of Clans and more, Rush Wars has some big shoes to fill and lots of pressure to succeed. Sadly it doesn’t live up to expectations.

Rush Wars is a simple online strategy game that has a fast-paced twist. The game has no story; instead, the point of the game is to grind out points so you can rise to the top of the leaderboard. The more competitive game style might push some players away, but it will also attract a lot of other players who are interested in being the best.

If you’re a fan of Supercell games then the game will feel familiar to you, and if you haven’t played any Supercell games, there’s no problem. With super-easy controls and intuitive design, anyone could pick up how to play. The objective of Rush Wars is to destroy enemy gold mines to gain stars (the point system) and gold (the currency) while protecting your own gold mines. 

Because there are only two main things to do in the game, Rush Wars can quickly feel boring and unsatisfying. I found that after two weeks of play, I lost interest, seeing that I experienced everything the game had to offer.

Compared to other hit mobile games, Rush Wars is simply lacking. There is no drive to keep consumers wanting to play other than getting points, and in my mind that’s not enough. There is also no risk factor in Rush Wars. In Clash of Clans or Clash Royale and other successful mobile games with similar premises, you can gain points, trophies, stars but you can also lose them. In Rush Wars you can’t, and that lack of risk leads to boredom.

Rush Wars right now just isn’t working. The game feels like a half-hearted attempt to take the successes from other Supercell games and mix them together. With no real objective to the game, Rush Wars is bound to fail if it stays the same. That being said, the game is still in the beta launch so there is room for drastic change and that’s what the game needs. Supercell has also been in this position before with Brawl stars, and they were able to fix the core problems and turn it into a great game, but like all things, it took time to fix Brawl Stars and it will likely be a similar process with Rush Wars.

Image credit: Supercell

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