Mike Trout’s MVP title is on the line

Former MVP season ending foot injury .

The Los Angeles Angels were pushing for a spot this year in the playoffs, but their hopes were dashed when their best player, Mike Trout, was taken out for the rest of the season by an injury to his right foot. 

Mike Trout’s season ending injury came at the wrong time because he was chasing the MVP title this year and missing the playoffs.

The Angels drafted Trout in 2009. It proved to be one of their best picks in history. Since 2013, his stats have been incredible. His batting average was 250, but he wasn’t just good at hitting, he was an amazing fielder and the plays that Trout made where breathtaking, robbing home runs by climbing the wall or laying out to make a game saving catch with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th. Trout was also named MVP in 2012 and 2016 and could possibly win MVP this upcoming year.

Mike Trout has accomplished a lot this season, but the one thing he didn’t accomplished is a world series win. Everybody thought the Angels would win this year, but it’s hard for the team to win without their star player, Trout. Trouts injury affected his team so much that they ended up losing five games in a row and knocked them out of playoffs spot and ended up with a 72-90 record.  

Losing a teammate like Trout is devastating because he brings so much emotion and leadership to the team. He is known to sit down with teammates and tell them what they are doing wrong and encourage them to do better and strive for greatness. 

When this injury happened, the players were devastated and the fans were heartbroken. Teammate Albert Pujols said, ”We will be missing a great player and teammate hope he has a speedy recovery.” 

Trout underwent surgery in late September and is now going through rehab in hopes to get back to 100% for next season. 

Trout talked to the media about his injury and that how he feels better but would only return when he is fully healthy. He is upset because this injury happened when playoffs were right around the corner. When the media talked to Mike Trout about how his season went and if he thinks he would win MVP, Trout said “Yes, but that’s not the only thing I wanted to win.”  He went on to say, “I’m not mad, not because I got hurt or can’t play, but because I really thought I had a good opportunity to with the World Series for the first time with my teammates and coaches.”  

Trout said he is going to push himself to get stronger every day to help his team with what they have been waiting for.

 At this point, whether Trouts stats can’t get better or worse, so whether or not he makes MVP all depends on how the rest of the players play and because of the fans that voted for him. 

Image: Flicker/KA Sports Photos


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