Travis Scott’s Look Mom I Can Fly ventures behind the scenes of his love life, family, and of course, music

The Houston rapper’s recent Netflix exclusive documentary goes into the musical process of his album, and the difficulties that come with touring and personal relations.

Travis Scott’s recent Netflix exclusive documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly reaches behind the scenes of his musical process of his album, Astroworld, showing difficulties that come with touring and personal relations.

Since the release of his debut album, Rodeo, Scott has been releasing platinum albums and perfecting his psychedelic style. Filmed over the course of the past two years, you see the progress of his relationship with then girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, the birth of his daughter, Stormi Webster, and the creation of Astroworld.

Although not being very much of a traditional documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly is more of a highlight of his craziest concerts, and brief flashbacks from his childhood, it shows one of the biggest superstars growing up. Scott blew up after his hit song “Antidote” back in 2015. Still being extremely young and reckless, with the whole world watching him at the age of 24, he wanted to prove a point.

Scott, is known for his extremely high energy concerts, and knows how to make a crowd move. In 2015, performing in front of 100,000 people at Lollapalooza, a music festival in Chicago, he told the crowd to ignore security, and climb over the barricades. He then got arrested for disorderly conduct, but that didn’t stop his raging shows. In 2017, a teenage fan jumped from the third story balcony into a mosh pit, and only 2 weeks later, in Arkansas, he told fans to rush the stage. Scott was arrested right after the show for inciting a riot.

In one scene in the documentary, it seems that he’s in a mansion in LA, with studio equipment set up in the living room. Rather than the traditional method of recording, which consist of being in a professionally sound-proofed booth, he is simply recording in the middle of the room with a bed sheet over himself. The verse he recorded on the documentary, appears in the song “No Bystanders” which is a highlight of his most recent album. We also see Scott in the studio with Kevin Parker and James Blake, working on two other songs on Astroworld, “Skeletons,” and “Stop Trying to Be God,” as well as the first reaction from Travis, blown away listening to Drake’s verse on “Sicko Mode.”

Scott keeps his personal life very low-key for an artist as big as he is. If you see his name in the news, it’s about his music, or his relationship with Kylie Jenner. But Look Mom I Can Fly, gives you the first glimpse into Scott’s childhood by bringing us to his grandmother’s house in Missouri City. Scott, and his autistic older brother shared a room at his grandmother’s house, living there until he was six years old. After that he lived with his father in the suburbs. In the documentary, Scott visits his high school principal as well as his former guidance counselor, who Scotts says saved his life.

Back in December of 2018, it was announced that Travis would be joining Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl halftime show. Many people were skeptical about this, because of the treatment the NFL had given Colin Kaepernick, and Jay-Z personally tried talking him out of it. Travis, did the halftime show, but he negotiated a deal. Travis said he would only agree to perform if the NFL did a joint donation to Dream Corps, a social justice organization founded by Van Jones, who is signed to Roc Nation, an entertainment company founded by Jay-Z. 

Look Mom I Can Fly, is a perfectly timed documentary due to the fact that Travis is at his peak. His dedication to the art, by putting so much time and effort into not just the music, but his live shows as well, along with his unique methods of creating an ambient sound with autotune heavy vocals, is what sets him apart. With a cult-like fanbase, always stampeding his stage, and respect from his peers, and mentors, like Kanye West, who signed Scott to GOOD Music, and Kid Cudi, who Travis states was his “drug.” “There would be no Travis Scott if it wasn’t for [Cudi],” Scott says. The two now have multiple songs together, and even have matching tattoos.
Although Look Mom I Can Fly is more like a highlight reel of Scott’s time in the limelight, than a complete music documentary, it still has intriguing aspects that make it a must watch.

Image Credit: Netflix

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