People may think Post Malone is ugly, but his music and his nice guy personality wins them over

Everyone talks about the rapper’s style, haircut, and tattoos, but Malone shrugs off the criticism.

If pop stars are known for having a beautiful, even “perfect” exterior, Post Malone is challenging that stereotype.

The hip hop artist, whose hits include “Rockstar” recently released his third studio album, Hollywood is Bleeding. Malone is known for being friendly and kind but his messy style including a scraggly beard and facial tattoos is often mocked. 

Malone has had a lot of success. The most popular song, Sunflower, has been played a billion times on Spotify. His music video for Circles has over 100 million views on YouTube. Other pop artists love his songs, too. Post Malone was one of the artists Taylor Swift asked to play at her birthday party.

Post Malone is not just a singer and rapper, he is a musician, songwriter and record producer. He adds a lot of his talents to his albums. He sometimes produces his own his music, such as for “Circles” on Hollywood is Bleeding. He played acoustic guitar as a teenager and continues to play it on his songs such as: “Stay,” “Feeling Whitney,” “Leave,” “Broken Whiskey Glass” and “Go Flex.”

He started out with country music when he was a child in Grapevine, Texas, but after that, he became interested in rap. This resulted in him making a new mix of musical genres including pop-rock and slow trap.


Many fans and celebrities talks about Post Malone’s style, haircut, and tattoos. 

Post Malone responded to comments and reactions to him in a video for Noisey. One person said, “This fatty sings so good,” and another said, “He’s white?” Malone just laughed and said, “Everybody says hey I didn’t know you were white. Whenever they see me and then they also say I didn’t know you were so tall. I guess I look short on the internet. Short and fat. But I think the song is great and no matter what color I am and color doesn’t even matter. This is a world filled with humans and we are all humans.”


He gets comments like, “Behind that hair, that disgusting beard and that gold grill, there is a good looking guy under there.” Malone believes that being human is the most important thing. His nice-guy demeanor endears him to his fans.

All of his albums have an interesting story. For example, reflecting on “Hollywood’s Bleeding” track, he told Spotify, “I finally made the move out of LA and moved to Utah. In Hollywood, there is such a strange vibe to where it feels like a lot of vampires out there want to suck the life from you.”

However, not everyone finds his meanings are easy to understand. At the end of the Noisey interview, someone asked him, “Why, sometimes, are your lyrics not clear?” 

He replied, “Sometimes I have trouble understanding myself.”

Cover Image: Flikr/The Come Up Show

4 comments on “People may think Post Malone is ugly, but his music and his nice guy personality wins them over

  1. i love your song circles and goodbyes congratulatons i love you


  2. patricia a ameral

    madly in love with post malone it’s he that shines


  3. Volynda Whysper

    Post Malone is gorgeous both inside and out.💜


  4. its what is on the inside that counts :>)


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