Style is getting dramatic in 2020

Makeup over the years has changed enormously. From soft glam to heavy to natural and now very colourful looks. Makeup is at a point right now where it’s never been before. The beauty community has expanded its age range, makeup products and different ways to do makeup.

This image is a good representative on how we will be bringing neon into 2020 but in a classy way, something you can wear on a night out. Neon used to be a trend in the 80’s but eventually went out of style. They would wear neon on neon which would clash with today’s beauty standards. She brought a more modern and simplicity look which is why it’s going to  be a hit in 2020

This Red lip is very crucial in 2020. It’s become a bigger trend over the past couple of months and now is a top-selling colour. The red lip has pretty much always been a trend that was in and out and that would always change on the years. But going into 2020 it will be a standard look.

This is a glam look that is very bold and has an interesting touch. Having a gem perfectly placed on her eye with little spaces in between making it look very elegant and high fashion.

The makeup community has grown so much in the age of Instagram and YouTube and is at a high right now. From collaborations with big brands, to newly found makeup artists, to celebrity’s makeup pallets, it is almost as if new products come out every week.

 Celebrity palettes are either a hit or miss. Pop singer Kesha who will be releasing her new album in 2020, decided to release a makeup pallet based on her styling. She promoted the pallet in a video with beauty YouTuber James Charles who helped her to hype it. After all the hype about this, her palette was a hit but is now slowly becoming less popular as there has not been much advertising since. 

Makeup artist Jeffree Star has had a cosmetic company since November 2014. He’s one of the most popular makeup artists and he’s always had a huge impact on beauty standards when he calls something, “Jeffree Star approved.” One of his pallets that describe trends in 2020 will have to be the jaw breaker pallet featuring a wide range of neon colours, pastel shades, and sparkles.  

2020 is going to be a huge year for makeup with a huge leap and the beauty community going way out of its comfort zone, to try something new. With new makeup artists arising and showing off their techniques. One MAC makeup artist is prioritizing self-expression.  “I think being you and expressing your own sense of creativity and your own sense of style is the most important,”

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