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The three exercises that will make you powerful

Sometimes it's not just about working hard, it's about how you lift and what exercises you do to get shredded.

People are working so hard in the gym but the winners are the people who are working smarter. People work out for different reasons and with different methods. Not everyone that steps into the gym is looking to get Hulk like strong. Some may want to lose weight, gain weight, get lean or even defined. But what truly is the best workout program for your body?

Bodybuilding is a very sophisticated activity. There are multiple ways to improve. Everything you do, since the moment you wake up, will put an effect on your outcomes. Over decades of research and hard work, various amounts of workout programs have been created to target each muscle of the body.

Often beginners go straight to bicep curls, tricep extensions and lunges. All though these are great exercises to begin with, by doing too many of these isolation exercises — exercises that focus on a single muscle group — you might risk creating poor body balance, and an undesirable physique. 

When training for power, you must be training the whole body. Training only for your shoulders to get big would be very beneficial for your shoulder and tricep muscles, but put extreme punishment on your lower back, since many exercises require those muscles. If your lower back is not trained well enough, you could be left with an injured back resulting in months of gym breaks. 

Exercises such as the squat, deadlift and bench press are great power movements that involve the entire body. These three effective exercises make the best balance in the body that get you high equality of power and definition while building quality muscle.

The deadlift affects more than nine important muscles in your body, including all of your back muscles like erectors, lats, tarps and your rhomboids and all parts of your leg muscles like quadriceps, glutes, adductor magnus (inner thigh and hamstrings). This exercise strengthens both your upper body and lower body, improving muscles’ motions overall.

The squat exercise is said to be a great strength training for your legs, but actually uses a lot of upper body strength to finish one successful rep. Squat is one of the most intense exercises, (you can tell when your legs turn to jelly after one) which is what makes its so effective. In addition, the squat reduces the chances of any injuries by building you a strong base. The main muscles targeted mainly works the lower body such as hamstrings, hip flexors, calves, and minimus. Your core muscles also play a big role. By breathing in and out and trying to control the heavy weight, your core starts to get involved and even sore. Having strong core muscles can make everyday movements like turning, bending, and even standing easier. Not only that, but a strong core can improve your balance.   


The bench press is most commonly used to tone the upper body muscles such as the pectorals, triceps and shoulders. There are a variety of grips you can choose to hold the bar depending on which part of the chest you would like to target. The wider your grip is, the more the outer parts of the pecs will work; the closer your grip is, the more the inner chest begins to work. The bench press leads to huge growth tone and endurance. If you’re new to the bench press you should ask someone to spot you, watching your form and making sure you’re lifting the correct weight for your level.

Not everyone’s goal is to gain power. Each person in the gym has their own goal to achieve using different methods. But if power if what you want, the bench press, squat and deadlift are wonderful exercises to start adding into your weekly routines. If done with proper technique, such as a straight back, slow movements followed by the right weight and repetitions, the average person could get quality power and muscle in no time. 

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