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Vans collection by Sandy Liang radiates 90s energy

Trendy New York designer intends to put her spin on typical vans attire.

Upcoming New York fashion designer, Sandy Liang, has released her collaboration with popular apparel brand, Vans on February 21, 2020.

Sandy Liang is best known for her designs rooting back to her Chinese culture. The designer grew up in Bayside, Queens with her parents and grandmother who influenced Liang’s appreciation for her heritage. In only four years of schooling, she had introduced her brand “Sandy Liang,” along with already gaining fans due to her staple tomboy chic looks and striking silhouettes.

Vans is a very mainstream brand with styles that tend to be quite youthful, so, fans are excited to see Liang’s twist on the brand.

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Liang’s personal style consists of mixing various patterns, colours, textures and materials. In a recent press release Liang stated the following, “To see my ideas come to life on such an iconic collection of footwear and apparel is a dream come true. This collection embodies the playful dreaminess of the nineties, as well as the grittiness of downtown New York City.” 

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There are nine main pieces to this flashy collection, which give off Liang’s classic 90s vibes including snakeskin print, bejeweled shoes, marble colourways, and butterfly motifs that are all placed onto various items like T-shirts, oversized hoodies, bike shorts, tank tops, plush hoodies, cropped hoodies, polo tops, jumpsuits, bucket hats, shoes and more.

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As for the materials, texture and style is a huge part of this collaboration. One of the main standout aspects of this collection is definitely how refined it is compared to the standard Vans apparel.

All these desired items will sell out fast, especially the accessories.

Collaborations like this are rare, especially style wise. For instance there will be items including the following: velvet old skool sneakers decorated with metal jewelry, snow leopard fur cover vans, butterfly influenced vans with custom sandy liang laces, and much more.

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Vans are notorious due to their typical skater apparel, so this specific collaboration is going to be quite interesting because of how different both brands are. Fans are excited to see the brands collide. Although Vans have a more standard on edge style and Sandy Liang is seen to be more elegant. This collaboration is going to be iconic, and will radiate total 90s vibes. 

Cover image: Vans

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