These three cat breeds act just like dogs!

For dog people, owning a bengal, abyssinian or maine coon cat, might change their minds and perspective about cats

If you’re looking for a companion to escape your loneliness while you’re stuck at home during the pandemic, and you love dogs but can’t have one; or maybe you are just curious to know what cat out there could possibly resemble a dog’s personality, I have the answer for you! Before you go stating that you absolutely hate cats and that nothing can change your mind, know that theres people who have indeed gone from cat-hater to cat-lover, and the fact that yes, it can happen. 

There really are cat breeds out there that act like dogs! Some cat breeds mirror a dog’s personality and behavior. Three great dog-like cats are the bengalabyssinian, and maine coon.   

I’ve met many cat-haters, and many of them have a strong dislike for cats because they’ve never actually tried to get to know one before or had a bad experience with one or two cats and never gave them a second chance. A classmate of mine, Keira, prefers dogs. She says cats are unpredictable, they scare her because of one time when she tried petting a cat and it gave her a severe deep scratch. People forget that cats are not dogs, and that reaching out to pet and hold them, right when you first meet them, will not turn out well. Cats need to earn your trust first, just like humans.  

My mom has always loved dogs more, and hated cats. She feared them gravely ever since childhood because of the alley cats in her hometown who were never friendly and always aggressive, she grew to believe all cats acted this way.  

It took a while to convince my mom to try living with a cat. After doing some research on the bengal, I was sure she’d love this breed for its kind loyal nature and other dog like qualities. She didn’t buy my claims at first, but when we got Bella, my bengal, it wasn’t long until she was in love with her. Three years later she says, “I like cats more than I like dogs now, I don’t know how but I do!” 

The Bengal Cat Club, states that “As long as you show them respect, and give them plenty of attention, bengals often will be quite willing to learn a variety of things that most people equate with dogs and not cats.”  

A bengal sitting on a shelf (Pixabay/Irina_kukuts)

The bengal, is a long sleek cat with a leopard fur pattern. If you love energetic playful dogs, the bengal will for sure satisfy your requests. If you engage in your bengal’s need for exercise daily, it will love you back unconditionally. Bengals are proven to be very intelligent like dogs, and one of the easiest cats to train. Bengals don’t mind the water, in fact they love it, so if you love and want a dog who can swim, a bengal cat is a great option. Just like dogs, they don’t mind being walked on a leash or get taken outside on walks, even taken with you on a trip somewhere as long as you get them used to it from a young age. Aside from the very active energetic nature they have, they also love to cuddle and sit on your lap and share some peaceful relaxation time with you. And they get along well with dogs and other pets.   

My bengal, Bella, follows me from room to room, sits as close as possible to me and loves playing and fooling around. Sometimes she has so much energy that she starts racing around the house so fast, sometimes crashing into walls and couches. She can be very needy when hungry, meowing and yelling for food.  

The ability of bengals to use leashes make them great for traveling. Sukiicat, an instagram page with over one million followers shows a bengal cat and her owner traveling together across the world, side by side. The bengal sits either in a backpack or on a leash, or just runs around excitedly.     

But while bengals are my personal favorite, they are not the only dog-like cat breed around. The abyssinian and the maine coon also have a lot in common with dogs.   

An abyssinian cat laying on a pillow (Pixabay/tsapenkodg)

The abyssinian, like the bengal, is playful, active and friendly with other pets and children. Highly intelligent, this cat will gladly learn and enjoy playing fetch, and will play with its toys for hours, reminding you of an energetic puppy. The abyssinian is around the same size as a corgi.  

A maine coon sitting on its cat post. (Pixabay/frau-m)

Unlike the short-haired abyssinian and bengal breeds, the maine coon is a dog-like breed that is soft and fluffy. It is a large, cat with the sort of big, kind heart that dog-owners love. If you’re looking for a cat that is similar to the shape of a dog, this cat is a great option since its shape is slightly bigger than the average shih tzu or yorkie. You’ll want to cuddle endlessly with it because of how soft and fluffy it is, and it won’t mind all the attention and cuddling at all. The maine coon loves affection, they love being around people, and may follow you around often. They are very friendly with children, strangers, and other pets. So, if you already have a dog, a maine coon may fit in nicely. 

In the end, every cat is loyal and loving, they just show it differently, and take more time to earn trust. It’s up to us to learn their language to truly understand our furry companions and be happy together, just like with humans.  

                                     Cover image: Pixabay/Free-Photos 

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