Recent public statements from Carey Price and Naomi Osaka are more open to share mental health illness. That’s a good thing.

35 percent of athletes suffer from a mental health disorder. Carey Price and Naomi Osaka are a part of that 35 percent both suffering from some sort of anxiety and more.

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Carey Price is the starting goalie for the Montreal Canadians with plenty of championships and awards, some people say he is even the best goalie alive right now.

Price has chosen to step away from hockey due to family anxiety and other mental health issues.

The Montreal Canadians establishment did not specify why Carey Price had chosen to step away and focus on himself. But Price’s wife, Angela Price, mentioned in an Instagram post it was something to do with mental health, also going more in depth about the “importance of putting your mental health first, not just by saying it but showing up and doing the work to get better.”

Price is making use of the NHL’s Player Assistance Program, which is a way for players to step away from hockey and focus on themselves to improve mentally and physically.

Mental health is an important issue, but finally, people are choosing to speak up. It’s important for these players to step up and talk yet it’s harder than you think. What’s important is that in this case, the first step has been taken.

As of now, Carey Price will be missing a minimum of 30 games. This will affect the team because Price is their top goalie — one of the best in the league — and without him the Canadiens may struggle.

This is an unusual situation due to people’s expectations about athletes. Marc Bergevin (the old Montreal Canadians manager who recently got fired) said “Players that were going through something were getting looked Apon as weak.”’ Since Carey spoke up and talked about his problems, other players may do the same.

Mental health in sports has always been a problem. From fans bashing the players and having prejudices against them, to injury’s that can affect your whole career. There are also many occasions where family issues affect the careers and mental well-being of NHL hockey players. These are only some of the problems NHL players face. If these players cannot get the support they need, their careers begin to sink down the drain.

Fortunately, Carey has joined the players assistance program to seek help. Marc Bergevin has also said “better days are ahead for Carey.”

Offering an assistance program is a powerful help to the sports community. It is a way for players to step away and get time to recover. With Carey taking his first big step, it will hopefully inspire other players to seek help if needed.

Naomi Osaka is a legendary tennis player who also suffers from a mental illness. She pulled herself out of the French open due to depression and anxiety.

Naomi is suggesting a program called “sick days” for players. She said, “a player should have an unlimited number of sick days throughout the season.” Naomi has mentioned this as a break for players like her can have some time off and focus on themselves.

Both Carey Price and Naomi Osaka are trying their best to support those who are going through what they are by bringing awareness to this issue.

Luckily, in the society we live in today, people are talking and are more aware of the tragedies mental health problems can cause. There are programs anyone can join to help maintain your mental health, regardless of your age, gender, or race. With the right help and support, it is possible for people to overcome their mental health disorders.

In today’s sports community, mental health has taken a big step forward.

If you are suffering from a mental illness, it is important to express your feelings and not hide them. You are not “weak” by talking about your feelings. You are weak if you hide them due to your fear of what others will think about you.

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