Mr. Beast makes pretty, different burgers  

The YouTuber’s new fast food chain is bringing big American style burgers to Canada.

Jimmy Donaldson, better known to his 95 million YouTube subscribers as Mr. Beast, made a name for himself making odd videos and giving away huge amounts of money. Now the popular YouTuber is entering the fast food market with Mr. Beast Burger — a delivery-only burger outlet that has opened in selected cities.

Beast Burger was released in America in 2020 and already has over 1000 locations. The chain arrived in Canada in early 2021 with outlets in Toronto and Vancouver.

Beast Burger is a “ghost kitchen” franchise where any restaurant can add the Mr. Beast menu to their kitchen and deliver Beast burger products through Uber eats, Skip the Dishes and DoorDash. 

Placing my order online through the Beast Burger website, I was delighted that the menu was colorful and easy to follow. In addition to burgers, the menu features sandwiches, sides and desserts. Beast Burgers also include vegetarian options.

I ordered an Impossible Chris Style burger, a regular Chris Style burger, seasoned crinkle fries, plain fries and a chocolate chip cookie. When the food arrvied, the receipt had a Beast Burger sticker which was pretty cool in my mind. 

The Chris style was completely different from any other burger I’ve tried so far in my life.  There were actual fries in the burger which I didn’t even know was a thing. It really just tasted like a different culture—like how a true American burger should taste like, in my imagination. It was also the biggest burger I’ve ever had. 

It was extremely greasy and is the type of burger that would make you feel guilty because it is so unhealthy.

The beef patty was giant and tasted rich and not very juicy which I actually preferred. I did find myself wishing that the patty could be a little bit less thick and wide sticking out of the sides of the burger. It was definitely a unique experience eating some patty sticking out around the burger by itself because it was so wide. While the fries on the burger were interesting they were also a bit on the soggy side. The bun, lettuce and tomato were satisfying. 

The seasoned crinkle cut fries were also a little bit soggy when I tried them, probably because it took almost 30 minutes to deliver from the Vancouver kitchen to my house in the suburbs. They were a different texture to what I was normally used to, also having the chunky design compared to the straight fries that are usually featured in fast food restaurants. 

I also tried the Beast Style Fries which came as a side with another combo order. The fries include pickles, onions, cheese, ketchup and mustard mixed in. It wasn’t the most delightful things I’ve ever had. Then again, I’ve never been fond of pickles or onions, so I may be biased against this dish already.

While the colorful branding and great graphic design makes Beast Burger a lot of fun to order, and the burger’s themselves are a unique experience, the overall taste was a bit middling. I’m not sure I’ll be ordering Beast Burger again, but I say, try it once at least.

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