The New Season Of Stranger Things Has Sparked Interest In The Audience From The Dramatic Change In Genre, Bringing New Heights Of Fright To The Table

Stranger Things season 4 has yet to disappoint with plot twists that will have you on the edge of your seat clawing your way to find out what will happen next.

Stranger Things Season 4 adds a new level of dread to the story, instilling terror in fans’ minds that something horrific will happen next.

We have been surprised by all the twists and turns all the other seasons have given us, but this season has yet to show its full potential in many aspects. Half way through the first season we have yet to see the backstory of many characters and are still wondering how they got to where they are. 

Stranger Things 4 has garnered praise for the acting, aesthetics, action sequences, and the darker and more adult tone compared to the previous seasons, but it can also feel slow and overfull due to the longer episode runtimes. At the same time, those longer runtimes gives us more time to process and reflect on what we are seeing. 

The series begins with a surprising impact on the storyline, leaving you with many unanswered questions that can only be revealed over time as the series progresses. Within the series there are many side stories each character deals with, so there never is a dull moment. 

Throughout the past seasons, we get to witness Millie Bobby Brown’s character Eleven grow up and develop. As an infant she was kidnapped by Dr Brenner, who deprived her of her birth name (Jane), and turned her into test subject 011. “Jane” was continuously experimented on and punished cruelly when she failed their tests, sometimes being held in solitary confinement in order to cultivate her telepathic powers. Eleven was extremely scarred by these events, and in 1978, she retaliated by killing a guard who was attempting to imprison her. Millie plays this character to its full capacity, portraying every emotion at its highest level. 


This season we get to see “Jane” live a normal teenage life, experiencing heartbreak, love, and most importantly bullying. She experiences bullying more than anyone else in this series, constantly getting harassed and attacked by one group of degenerates. They make it their motive to bully her everyday and make her life miserable. She will finally retaliate against them, but it would come with a heavy cost. 

Season 4 surpasses all other seasons on the horror level, by showing death, and torture. The main villain from the upside down kills its victims by making them confront their greatest fear or regret that has happened to them in the past, then the real attack begins.

Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s highest-budget series, the current season costing $30 million per episode —ten times that of some of Netflix’s other shows. That budget means great production and effects. The CGI is out of this world with the anti-aging software taking over characters to fit the storyline, and costumes that look so real, it’s like you can see the texture of the characters in every scene they are in. 

Season 4 is so different from all the other seasons in many different ways, it’s like a whole new show you are watching but with the same authentic Stranger Things vibe,  so it should definitely be on your list for shows to binge this summer.

Cover Image: StrangerThings/Youtube

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