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Multiple Canadian Hockey players sexually assaulted a woman and the league paid her not to talk

In the aftermath, significant sponsors have withdrawn their support.

As many significant sponsors such as Scotiabank and Tim Hortons have abandoned their affiliations with Hockey Canada, the organization is anticipated to lose up to 24 million dollars in sponsorship.

A growing scandal over how Hockey Canada has handled reported incidents of alleged sexual assaults has pressured the organization to make changes including CEO Scott Smith possibly stepping down from his leadership position. 

The Canadian Hockey league has reached a settlement with a woman who was sexually assaulted in 2018 in London, Ontario, by players from the Canadian Hockey League.

Many companies have stepped out to openly dissociate themselves from hockey’s governing body. 

In the summer, when allegations against the organization first came to light, Canadian Tire declared it would no longer fund Hockey Canada and instead, give its money to groups that “better line with our beliefs” and are linked to hockey. 

Esso halted its support of men’s programs in the 2022-2023 season as well as the World Junior Championship, although they will still support women’s, and para-programs. 

Hockey Canada’s collaboration with Nike has also been put on hold. Nike released a statement saying that to help athletes and improve hockey for future generations, “substantial and real action is necessary.”

It is not only companies that have lost faith in the organization.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau stated that it would be “hard for anyone” to trust Hockey Canada at this point.

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