5 great games for ZERO dollars!

No Money? No Problem! We’ve found the best games you can pick up and play--totally free!

No Money? No Problem!

Have you ever sat down wanting to play a game on your PC but didn’t have the money to buy one? Well, don’t worry! I’ve found the best games you can pick up and play–totally free!

5. Paladins

Image: Hi-Rez Studios

A five vs five match with super powers–sounds like things are going to get hectic! Paladins is a free-to-play team based shooter with its own personality, boasting a cast of 32 characters each with their own individual style, it throws you into a battle where the only real ally you have is your own gun.

Paladins cast of characters have individual styles that can be altered by their unique “deck” system which allows the player to customize their abilities. The game has three gamemodes: onslaught, payload, and siege. Onslaught is a “king-of-the-hill”-style gamemode with a team fighting for control over a point; payload is a gamemode where teams take turns defending and pushing a cart to the enemy team’s base while they try to push it back and wait for the timer to run down; and siege is a mixture of the two.

Paladin’s combat is fluid and full of action, every moment being as intense as the next. This game is a really good choice for people who want a new style of shooter.

Get it here.

4. League Of Legends

Image: Riot Games

Do you have what it takes to join the League of Legends? League of Legends, as you may already know, is a hugely popular game based on the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA format. It embraces the MOBA format making a game that is friendly to new players while still challenging to the experienced gamers. League of Legends boasts a list of 138 playable “champions,” so there is going to be a character that matches your playstyle.

League of Legends offers three types of gamemodes Aram, Normal, and Ranked, Aram being a five on five battle where your character is randomly chosen which adds an element of surprise because you don’t expect who you get; Normal using the game’s original map, Summoner’s rift, for a MOBA experience that could never go wrong, and Ranked being the competitive version of the normal gamemode as well as two times more intense.

League of Legends is a MOBA that holds your hand along the way but gives you a fun and challenging experience all the way through.

Get it here.

3. Roblox

Image: Roblox Corporation

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if it were made of Lego blocks? Well look no further. Roblox is a free online gaming community where the games are made by the players. In Roblox you can let your imagination fly and make your own game or you can play the work people had made with their blood, sweat and tears. Roblox has no competitive play, it’s just a game where you can enjoy yourself.

Roblox is the game for letting your inner child run free, being able to make whatever you want from accessories to games to even clans. Roblox is a really good game to spend your free time in.

Get it here.

2. Starcraft 2

Image: Blizzard Inc.

The game for your inner strategist to reign supreme. Blizzard released their free-to-play version of their famous game series Starcraft 2 which is an amazing strategy game that pits you in either a one on one, two on two or even four on four battles as three different races, the hive mind race the Zerg, the technologically advanced Protoss, or mankind themselves, the Terran.

Even though in the free-to-play version you can only access the Terran race, the game itself makes up for it with its intense gameplay and its player-created arcade mode. Starcraft 2’s strategic style has you making defenses and barracks to hold off the many soldiers of the other players.This game will have you playing for weeks and never getting bored the entire time.

Get it here.

1. Tera

Image: En Masse Entertainment

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, also known as MMORPGs have never had a game like this. Tera is an MMORPG that is perfect for newcomers to the genre but it’s not too easy even for veterans of the MMORPG genre, Tera has a total of thirteen classes and seven races as well as a customization system unlike any other. Its gameplay is fun and interactive as the skills you can obtain are plentiful and when you are in combat the game gives you suggestions and the key combination to use them, perfect for the average player.

Tera’s environment is almost a direct replica of what it would look like in real life and as you play you see the developers attention to detail as you explore the vast world of Tera. Every moment of this game is as fun as the last and you will see yourself playing this game for days and days to come.

Get it here.

We gamers can sometimes be blinded by the stereotype that all free games are bad and aren’t worth playing. But when you take a long hard look at the free game world there are plenty of games out there that are worth playing, so don’t let the “free” label scare you off. You go out there and have fun!

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