In the paint: The Devils have a show stopping start to the season

Three dominating wins have New Jersey fans in high spirits.

This week there have been a ton of high-scoring games and that was certainly true when the New Jersey Devils played the Buffalo Sabres 6-2 for the Devils. The Devils goals were all fast and mostly off turnovers. The Sabres were scrambling most of the second period scoring only one goal while New Jersey scored four. Sharp one-timers helped the Devils win the game. There were great saves from both sides, Cory Schneider making a great blocker save with six seconds left in the first period. Chad Johnson for the Sabres made some incredible pad saves but it wasn’t enough to fend off the Devils’ onslaught.

On Wednesday New Jersey scored another victory against the  Toronto Maple Leafs, 6-3. The Leafs are known for their great offence, proving that by scoring the first goal just nine minutes in. Not a minute later the Devils slapped one in from the blue line making the game 1-1, and quickly scored once more by a tip pass chased down the ice by Miles Wood scoring the goal top shelf. Toronto scored another goal to tie up the game. The scoring didn’t stop with two more goals in the second period New Jersey made the game 4-2. The last two goals were scored in the third period by the Devils and one last one for the Maple Leafs. Schneider made another stupendous blocker save like he did last game helping New Jersey tremendously, making 47 total saves. The playmakers on the Devils are having a great season so far–that’s why the New Jersey Devils are undefeated so far.

The Devils lined up for another game coming in confident and ready to play against the Washington Capitals. The past two games New Jersey had been scoring off of turnovers and taking full advantage of the other teams. Fifteen minutes into the first period Washington won a turnover in the Devils zone with a great pass and an even better shot scoring, giving the Capitals the lead. New Jersey was getting some great shots off but not scoring until after Washington scored another goal, the Devils were trailing behind. Corey Schneider was off his game letting three more goals slide in, and New Jersey’s offense was lacking. The final was 5-2 for Washington.

On Saturday the Devils were tired but went on to play the New York Rangers who had only won one game and lost four. New Jersey started off the game with some beautiful pad and stick saves by number one Keith Kinkaid in the first and continuing that throughout the second period only letting in one goal. Meanwhile New Jersey’s offense was back to normal scoring two goals. One minute into the third period the Devils scored their last goal for the game and defended well throughout the period. Fifty-five seconds left New York slapped a goal from the blue line off the faceoff making the final 3-2.

After a great week the Devils remain in first place for the Metropolitan Division and Eastern Conference, while third overall in the NHL, just one win behind Chicago and LA. The four games they played made their record four wins and one loss, truly a stunning start for a stunning team.


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